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  1. Sorry for posting in a dead beta thread but no one ever followed up on @Jason Carr's response here. Does anyone know what values we'd have to change in the XML files in order to get the images to center vertically? The Custom Theme Tutorial board is dead and I tried messing around with the code myself to no avail.
  2. The refresh problem must not be affecting everyone as I submitted some changes that went through though I can't moderate anything myself due to the queue not advancing. There seems to be an issue with image uploads as well as whenever I try the image will begin to upload and then I'm hit with a massive block of HTML error text.
  3. I've noticed something while moderating recently about the Game & Watch platform. It seems like it's kind of being used as a catch-all for any standalone LCD games. The Game & Watch series was 60 games specifically made by Nintendo and yet non-Game & Watch units made by Mattel and other electronics companies were being proposed. I was going to reject them for being the wrong platform but I noticed that others had already been (erroneously?) approved so I clicked Ignore. Is there any sort of official stance on this issue? Maybe a separate category for standalone LCD units?
  4. Sorry, I'm not familiar with Rocket Launcher so I'm not sure what to do there though my initial thought would be not to add them because it would be putting them in the incorrect category. I feel like the minimum size for wallpapers might not be common knowledge. It was mentioned in the rules linked in the first post of this thread but the Google Doc has since been deleted so I'm not sure what's going on there.
  5. @Robin55 I know your entries have gone through moderation now but as a moderator who rejected most of them I can offer some more insight into what your plugin was doing wrong. In addition to the Title 1 / Title 2 and duplicate images problems that were already mentioned a lot of them had mis-categorized images. One frequent problem was all of the images being tagged North America when they were obviously Japanese. More minor issues but some of them had backgrounds under the 1280 x 720 minimum and the carts should have been Cart - Front and not Cart - 3D. The major issue, which you can see if you head over to the Naomi game list and check around, is that almost all of the screenshots were bad. The majority of them were grey or white screens with the Naomi logo in the center, a board read or some other error screen, or just a black image. Check out Beach Strikers and Ferrari F355 Challenge for examples.
  6. Oh, duh. I forgot that you can't enter a reason for the upload when adding a new game so yeah, those might very well be plugin-related too.
  7. To be fair to the plugins it looked like all of those quadruple 3D Box DS games were uploaded manually. I'd also like to clarify that I've always seen issues with the plugins, especially the adding the same/wrong image several times thing, it's just that this past week was particularly egregious.
  8. Seriously, they aren't helping. This past week I've encountered so many terrible pending DB additions from plugins. The vast majority of them have been a plugin trying to upload the same image 3 or 4 times. Then there's the fact that without human intervention all the plugin will do is check to see if a category has an image and if not will upload whatever the user has. In many cases the user has an image the DB already has but they have it categorized differently so the plugin is just trying to upload a duplicate into the wrong category. Just now I came across Arcade - Control Information submissions that were just screenshots of a third party controller mapper that the uploader was using. The worst was an attempt to upload a screenshot of an unknown website's comment section as an advertisement flyer. I can understand wanting to add missing information or media to the DB but removing the step of the user having to check the DB first to make sure that the image isn't already there somehow doesn't seem like the best idea. Also, as previously mentioned, there's the fact that a plugin has no way of verifying the content of the images it attempts to upload beyond "Does file exist, yes or no?". The moderation team here is all volunteer as it is and I don't imagine dumping dozens of incorrect, automated submissions helps the process.
  9. Kind of looks like the opposite of a call to arms from here.
  10. I sent an e-mail about his website to piracyscene@noa.nintendo.com. The Big N hates ROMs so I'm sure they'd love to know that someone is selling their games illegally. Also: Seeing as you're so happy to invoke relative privation I hope you're appropriately ashamed that you're whining about a single e-mail you didn't like being sent to you when there are people starving to death in the world right now.
  11. I'm having the same issue. No problem with my Internet connection and even though my firewall had never been a problem before I still went in and manually added LaunchBox to the allow list but still no luck.
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