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  1. ironkong

    psx games choppy

    ahhh nothing works. i give up. thanks for the help!
  2. ironkong

    psx games choppy

    yea i am using 2.0.5. but nothing seems to work. the games are super choppy
  3. ironkong

    psx games choppy

    thanks i ried changing to the pete's open gl but it says its missing something. thanks for the help.
  4. ironkong

    psx games choppy

    how do you change the video plug in? this is my first time trying the psx emulator
  5. ironkong

    psx games choppy

    Whats up all I got a lenovo all in one pc for free the other day. wanting to use it for my rom station specs are celeron e3300 2.5ghz 3ghz ram expandable to 4 windows ten dont think a video card can be added. so far up to 16 bit games run fine... n64 ocarina of time runs fine from what i played so far.. sf3 3rd strike runs smooth on mame however... i cannot seem to get epsxe running. i tried playing mega man 8 and other psx games and they are super choppy. is it my system too slow or what?
  6. when i try and boot mame games now in launch box version 7.11 i get an error box that says(LUA ERROR) plugins/boot/lua:39:attempt to index a nil value (global'mame _manager') the games worked fine without this error it just started happening. The game sload when i click the ok symbol but it didt happen like this before i am using mameuifx32_0171 This started when I tried to use a more updated mame emulator. then is witched back to the old one and the issue is still happening. How do I stop it?
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