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  1. You mentioned command-line parameters, is that something I can do on my end?
  2. Hey there, I recently posted about a bug I was having, was surprised I was the only one with it. I don't use retroarch and instead use the standalone RA emulators. They don't seem to work with LaunchboxBox/BigBox, Neil advised I post it here in the beta thread to see if it could possibly be added into the future. While I'm not familiar with how difficult this may prove and if I absolutely have to I will use Retroarch, I'd much rather not. Thanks for reading,
  3. That is unfortunate. Appreciate you testing it out Neil, as always.
  4. http://retroachievements.org/download.php The NES/SNES ones. Someone posted on the discord, do the titles of the ROMs have to be cleaned up?
  5. Hey there! When trying to load any game from Launchbox/BigBox using the RA standalone emulators, the achievement sets do not load with the game when the emulator opens. I've got the API key set correctly and tested. Is it only applicable with retroarch as shown with the tutorial video, or do the standalone emulators work? Two other users have run into the same issue, so I'm thinking it's either an option I've missed or the standalone emulators are not supported. I've tested NES/SNES and GBA. Once the emulator loads, I can load the game manually and the achievements will load. Thanks for your help,
  6. I LOVE everything about your setup. Keep up the great work, great inspiration!
  7. If you need to change your display name in Big Box like I did, Jason (The developer) suggested you email - support@unbrokensoftware.com . I'd guess you may have a hard time getting a response in this thread as my issue was resolved. Good luck!
  8. Hey @Jason Carr, I have not received an email from support, so the account is still registered under my wifes name. Thanks!
  9. Hey there, Purchased launchbox through Amazon, as I figured it would be quicker than digging my wallet out and jazz, and the email on my amazon account is registered under my wifes name. When I boot up bigbox, it shows 'Licensed to WifesName'. Can I edit the license.xml to change this, or can I have one corrected? Even having it removed from view would be terrific. I shot an email to support over the weekend, but haven't received anything back. Was unsure what sort of turn around we'd be looking at, so figured posting it here too couldn't hurt. Thanks,
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