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  1. Exequiel3k


    Thx for the reply @DOS76 I’d be nice to have clear indications where (inside the files) we could alter the video appearing delay since I’m with @Nonamer.. Also, do you plan on adding more plateform images (ie Xbox original, wiiu)?😇
  2. Exequiel3k


    This theme is quite nice and modern ;p My only real deal-breaker is I prefer to emphasize gameplay video foremost... Would it be possible to have an option to simply display the video right away instead of fanart (even if it requires editing the file itself)? Also, I assume there's an option to skip game-details and jump straight into the game via bigbox settings Overall, great work!!!
  3. Exequiel3k

    No Sound With CXBX-Reloaded In Bigbox

    Strangely (or more likely the sound api has to get its mojo going), I added a buffer before putting it in full screen and it brought back the sound at startup. If you lower the buffer below 500 the sound doesn't work.. Here's my code if it can help anybody -- Sleep, 1000 ;this is what I toy around with Send !{Enter} $Esc:: Send, !{F4} Sleep, 250 { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} } Return -- I close cxbx in a two step process since if I just close the app with the typical "Process, Close" -> it keeps running the app in the background (see it in services), so I stop the emulation and then close the app
  4. Exequiel3k

    No Sound With CXBX-Reloaded In Bigbox

    I'm having the same issue; just wanted to let the admins know as well. I use an AHK to put it in fullscreen and to exit/close emulation.
  5. Exequiel3k


    I'd be nice to know what plateforme videos you used to exactly recreate it. I'm having trouble fully enjoying the theme as per the creator's intended vision :p
  6. Exequiel3k

    BIGFLIX Startup Video

    Hey, Nice video(!) though I was wondering if it could say "Gameflix" instead? Thx!!
  7. Exequiel3k

    BigBox Classic Gaming Startup

    Hey, Nice intro(!) but I was wondering if it's possible to remove the text at the bottom while leaving the now loading text.. Thx
  8. Exequiel3k

    MinimalHD missing

    Hey, I was wondering in the WheelGamesView, where should I be looking in order to make the GameBox image bigger? I tried altering the settings in the GameImage section but it only moves the location of the image on the grid.. I'd really appreciate the help. Thanks
  9. Hey, I’d say for convenience sake in BigBox to have any controller plugged into the Pc be able to control the navigation instead of having to assign and be constrained using the same one even when changing of controllers for different plateform games.. thx for all your hard work
  10. Exequiel3k

    External drive & lag inquiry

    True, I’ll give it a try. Nothing to loose. I will report back my findings, if anybody else is curious
  11. Exequiel3k

    External drive & lag inquiry

    I don’t have a microSD card of that speed to test it out My results would be flawed from the get-go.. (The emulators I use are PCSXR-GPXP, dolphin, demul, etc..)
  12. Exequiel3k

    External drive & lag inquiry

    Yeah,I’m aware of the factual numbers in regards to USB/SD speeds.. I was thinking more about if the difference was actually felt in-game (for more data heavy games). Ideally, I’d prefer the SD-route since it’s hidden and I’d have one less thing to carry around but I don’t want noticeable in-game issues.. The only thing stored on the SD would be the games, everything else would stay in the computer ssd..
  13. Exequiel3k

    External drive & lag inquiry

    Hey all, I tried using a USB-drive but noticed the games would freeze (2-3 secs from time-to-time) because the external drive had to start spinning again to fetch the requested data (my guess) and it got pretty annoying.. Consequently, I was considering buying a Sandisk 128gb ultra microSDXC U1 (price/performance balance) but I was wondering if it could potentially cause lag due to lower read speeds than USB? Have any of you emulated using microSD cards (U1 or lower speeds) on ps1, GameCube, Dreamcast, etc.? Thx for the feedback!
  14. Alright, thanks for the clarification maybe someday w’ill see it in the download section😏
  15. Hey all, I hope I won’t cause any issues asking this off topic question, but what is the theme used in the background (can’t find it in the downloads section)? Looks pretty nice..!