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  1. Suhrvivor

    Poll Results

    LaunchBox already uses generic images for some image types, if you select image group and choose backgrounds and a game doesn't have a fanart - background image, it will display a background image located in the platfrom folder. Shouldn't be too complicated to mimic this behavior for other image types.
  2. Suhrvivor

    Adding MAME CHD's to Launchbox

    You need to make a shortcut of the MAME executable (mame.exe or mame64,exe). You created a shortcut of the containing folder. BTW, you can easily open the command line interface by navigating to the MAME folder in Windows Explorer, then in the address bar just type CMD and press enter. (you can enter "mame.exe -cc" or "mame64.exe -cc" to create the ini files).
  3. Suhrvivor

    8.7-beta-1 Released

    Not sure if this is the place for asking this but can we have different aspect ratios for every system? better yet, for each image group, that would be great.
  4. Suhrvivor

    8.6-beta-1 Released

    How come the new generic playlists only contain arcade games? You would expect that a playlist in LaunchBox titled "2-Players Games" would include all multiplayer games, not just for one platform. If they're only for Arcade, they should be named "2-players Arcade games", don't they?
  5. Suhrvivor

    Rpcs3 in launchbox

    Seems like you added something extra. Make sure there isn't anything beyond the last bracket }.
  6. Suhrvivor

    Rpcs3 in launchbox

    Good news, that can be easily fixed. You just need to edit the emulator settings in Launchbox to add a simple script that closes everything but the frontend when you press escape. To do this, open LaunchBox and go to Menu -> Tools -> Manage Emulators -> RPCS3 (Or whatever you named your emulator). In the AutoHotkey tab paste or add the following: ; This section closes RPCS3 when pressing Escape $Esc:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} } This works too with other emulators that have the same issue and when using controller automation.
  7. Suhrvivor

    8.6-beta-1 Released

    I only have 720 MAME games (all killer no filler), would I get any benefit by deleting and re adding them? I've noticed that when you batch update your games' metadata, if a game gets its name changed, Its images don't get the new name, making the game end up without images event though the images are sitting there, but with the old name.
  8. Suhrvivor

    Tekken 7 issue

    It's in the properties of the desktop shortcut. If you don't have one you can create it by right clicking the game on Steam and selecting "Create Desktop Shortcut".
  9. Suhrvivor

    Tekken 7 issue

    Don't add any parameter Just add the following to the application path and it should work just fine: steam://rungameid/389730
  10. Suhrvivor

    Your List of Small Things

    I'd love for Launchbox to remember scroll position for each platform and not always start at the top.
  11. Suhrvivor

    Adding MAME CHD's to Launchbox

    My best guess is that a core based of a 15 years old MAME version is not compatible with modern romsets, specially CHDs. Try a different core.
  12. Suhrvivor

    Ambience Theme (initial testing)

    No, you don't have OCD, you're just a perfectionist. At least that's what I say to myself when I end up in russian forums or Baidu cloud servers hunting for a particular art.
  13. Suhrvivor

    Ambience Theme (initial testing)

    Can fanart already in the LaunchBox Database be used as the center image or do you need special ones for the theme?
  14. Suhrvivor

    To Compress or not to Compress

    Beware of the Reicast cores, their CHD support it's outdated. They don't support the latest version (v5). If you grabbed a recent software list or compressed your games to CHD in the last three years, chances are they won't work with Reicast. Redream can read CHDs v5 but that core its very glitchy, not recommended. I personally use Demul for Dreamcast related stuff, great compatibility and CHD support.
  15. Suhrvivor

    Clear logo for LaunchboxNext 8.4

    Clear logos in the background look awful. Change it to display fanart only. That way you'll see full-blown artwork from the selected game in the background instead of a tiny logo. I don't know why this isn't the default. Here's a screenshot of the setting you need to change: Uncheck all but "Fanart - Background", that way. if no fanart is found, the default of that game's platform will be used.