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  1. This is actually pretty easy and quick to do by converting the colors to black using the Black and White adjustments in Photoshop:
  2. This game is pretty chill and needs it's logo:
  3. Can you give us an example? In my experience, the screenshots in the database are either native resolution or higher. A very small number are what you would call "worst quality".
  4. Love these themes! You can use some of them for the Switch ports too so it's a 2x1. I would love a theme for Xenoblade Chronicles X and New Super Mario Bros. U please
  5. I don't think it's a good idea to import xmls. The best way is to just to import the games directly using the LB import wizard. My advice when importing for the first time is to don't download any media, uncheck all boxes from LB DB and Emumovies. This way it will process much faster. You can add the media later and this way you can still use LB while it downloads media.
  6. Try always writing a reason for your uploads, it makes them harder to be rejected, specially on artwork that might seem generic. That particular MK9 background might be rejected because it looks generic and iirc someone put it on every MK game and it was accepted! As for PNG vs. JPG for backgrounds, if you use high quality settings for the jpeg compression, the visual difference is almost non-existent but the file size difference is still massive. Remember that the database images are meant to be used in an application so performance and file size should be more important than qualit
  7. Any cheap Ryzen 3 should be able to handle Wii/GCN games. Add a GTX 1050 (or AMD equivalent) if you want to improve games' visual quality by upscaling, adding shaders, mods, etc. Just make sure you get the fastest RAM you can get to squeeze out maximum performance from Ryzen CPUs.
  8. You can find a couple of good ones in the Launchbox's database: https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/images/149223
  9. My advice is to rename the "Atari 2600" images folder to "Atari 2600.old", then go to LaunchBox, select all the games for that platform, go to tools > Download Metadata and Media, check all boxes from LaunchBox DB and none from Emumovies. After finishing the download process you can compare with the old folder and add what's missing.
  10. PS3_DISC.SFB is not the executable, just a file containing metadata for Bluray games. The executable of every PS3 game is named EBOOT.BIN (and is located inside the \PS3_GAME\USRDIR\ folder of the game Bluray's root directory), that's what you need to import. To add PS3 games, Find the EBOOT.BIN inside the game's disc dump folder, drag and drop it into LaunchBox, then in the last window of the import wizard rename it to its proper name and you're done. If you have a digital version of the game and have trouble finding the EBOOT.BIN. you can find the folder in the context menu of the
  11. This Xbox game is currently missing its logo.
  12. I think it just picks up any xinput gamepad by default and works like a charm without any fiddling in the options. At least that's what happens to me when I use my Xbox360 gamepad on that emulator.
  13. The Check all and Uncheck all button in the Download Media dialog don't seem to do anything anymore, also, you have to double click the checkboxes to toggle them for some reason. Tried on my custom theme and the default theme, same thing happened on both.
  14. Thanks! This logo was tricky to crop because of the fire that has a lot of transparency you can't just crop with the pen tool. To crop this, I created the transparency for the fire by first converting the logo to black and white (In Photoshop, Layer > New adjustment Layer > Black and White) then messing with the red and yellow sliders until I got something resembling an alpha mask layer (I used the brush in a new layer to fill the gaps in the middle of the image), after finishing this I inverted the blacks and whites so you have a proper alpha mask. now you have the fire transparency don
  15. Well, I decided to give it a go at the EA's NBA Jam logos. Here they are, not perfect but much better that the ones we have right now. Submitted to LB database.
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