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  1. Suhrvivor

    MAME not working with LaunchBox

    This is how your emulator's settings should look in LaunchBox: Make sure "Extract ROM archives before running" at the bottom right is unchecked.
  2. Suhrvivor

    Creating clear logos

    Don't follow that video! If you resize logos without preserving the aspect ratio you'll end up with flattened low quality logos.
  3. Suhrvivor

    Gamecube games won't load in Launchbox

    Did you try running your games from the emulator itself? Extract your isos. Dolphin can't read compressed files. Also, you should enable file extensions in explorer, that will save you from headaches in the future. That and avoiding using non English letters as much as possible in western software. Alternatively, you can keep you isos compressed and enable "Extract ROMS archives files before running" in the Emulator's configuration window of LaunchBox. If you want to have your isos compressed, the best thing you can do is compress them with Dolphin itself. Dolphin can read those compressed isos directly.
  4. Suhrvivor

    9.4-beta-1 Released

    What would it happen to those images with different region that we already downloaded with previous versions? Can the cleaning media tool remove them if you run it in this beta?
  5. Suhrvivor

    Gamecube games won't load in Launchbox

    They changed the command line syntax in a nighlty build some time ago. Make sure you're using a recent version or change the command from "-b -e" to "/b /e".
  6. Suhrvivor

    Downloading missing art

    Make sure you check the Search for game information and media from the LaunchBox Games Database (recommended). Even if info was found previously. No media will be downloaded if that option is not checked.
  7. Suhrvivor

    Reicast Internal Resolution + Launchbox

    What video driver and shader type are you using?
  8. Suhrvivor

    Using relative paths for Launchbox and emulators

    As long as your games and emulators are inside your LaunchBox folder, everything should work no matter the drive letter. Just make sure that the emulators are set up as portable. Some of them need a few easy tweaks to make them so.
  9. Suhrvivor


    To add images to playlists, open LaunchBox, locate the playlist in the left panel of LaunchBox. Right click it and select edit. You can add images and change other relevant parameters there.
  10. Suhrvivor

    CEMU Crashing via LaunchBox

    Remove or update Cemuhook.
  11. In emulator details, try adding this to the Default Command-line parameters: /b /e BTW, Dolphin changed the syntax from / to - some time ago, your emulator must be quite old.
  12. Suhrvivor

    BigBox and Windows store (w10) games issue.

    Try pointing to the executable of the game instead of a shortcut or weird UWP link. You can find the game's URL by launching the game, opening the Task Manager, rightclicking the game and selecting "Go to details", then right click the game's exe and select "Open file location".
  13. Suhrvivor

    Big Logo - Startup Theme

    As far as I know, there's not a simple line to edit that changes size, it's not that easy unfortunately. The logo fits inside an invisible grid. You'll have to edit the grid and other things to change its size. I'm not an expert in wpf to help you, the little I know about it was learned by trial and error. There's a set of tutorial videos on Launchbox's Youtube explaining how to make themes. You can check that if you want to learn the basics. Link:
  14. Suhrvivor

    Big Logo - Startup Theme

    I'm not sure what you mean. There are not settings for startup themes. You'd have to edit the theme itself if you want logos to be smaller or bigger.
  15. Suhrvivor

    Can I have a game specific bezel with retroarch

    You can use overlays as bezels in retroarch and by using games overrides you can have one different for each game. I don't know where to find game-specific overlays, though. If you find something let us know.