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  1. GTI Club! Cool game, let me know when that theme video is available, please!
  2. They don't have a lot of theme videos, they focus more on video snaps.
  3. On Steam, try creating a desktop shortcut of the non-steam game, then import the shortcut's URL to Launchbox.
  4. Oh yeah, I forgot that's already out. I'll add it to the pending list.
  5. Hey can you make a widescreen version?
  6. The first or the new one? I'll add them to the pending list.
  7. The Konami logos in some of the theme videos (Castlevania Chronicles, Bloodlines, etc) are using a modern version that doesn't match with what it was like at the time in boxarts, flyers, etc. I think it would be cooler if the konami logo (and everything else) matched with how it looked at the time of the game release. You can check in Logopedia the different eras of just match with what's in the box art.
  8. Hey that Drakula-kun theme video is great!! Can I request a version for the translated game Kid Dracula? That's the one I have on my LB. Thanks for sharing!
    Amazing pack! The biggest one I've seen for PC. Emumovies? Never heard of 'em. I'm following for more updates!
  9. I love this! If you have more Castlevania theme videos please share them!
  10. Glad you liked it! That one took a lot of work to make, specially the rendering part, too many video layers.
  11. Bro that render of Kratos is not featured in any PS3 title, is for the PS4 and PS5 soft reboot of the saga.
  12. It's in the pending list. Also Baldur's Gate 3. The best games deserve to have at least one theme and this year had a lot of great ones.
  13. Red Dead is already made on the PS3 Thread, Skyward Sword HD is on the Zelda Thread (forgot to add it here, I'll do it on the next update) and someone else made Origami King here. I''ll add the last game to the to-do-list.
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