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  1. hmm, I tried that, and it looks like you tried to upload a screenshot but the link is broken, cant view it. Also, is there a way to hide the mouse cursor in game?
  2. I have it loading the same way but it wont go into the table directly, just to the main menu, is there something else you had to do to get it to load right to that table?
  3. Yeah I'm having that same issue.. did you get it fixed somehow?
  4. I am also experiencing the same issue.. I'm in the process of trying to figure out what is causing it... I'm guessing its either a theme issue or a transition issue.. If anyone knows the solution please let me know!
  5. Hey all, So I have a weird issue, I added a bunch of windows games to my launchbox and they work fine and all.. however.. it seems as though when I restart the computer and re-launch launchbox all I have there are my steam titles.. all the other windows games I've added 1 by 1 have disappeared, anybody else having this issue? and also, Is there a way I can seperate my steam games from other windows games?
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