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  1. @mtcarcus Whoa... I did not know this. This would solve all my problems. Thanks for the info! It looks like the firmware is in BETA and it is only for I-PAC2 board? I mostly use the IPAC ultimate I/O. I am hoping the final release of the firmware supports more. Anyhow, again thanks for the info.
  2. When I import games into LaunchBox, and add a platform (Sega Genesis, Nintendo Entertainment System, etc.)... it automatically adds the appropriate platform art (like clear logos, and banner art) and it looks great in BigBox. It does this for all my platforms except... NEC TurboGrafx-16 NEC TurboGrafx-CD Do I need to name the platform something specific in order for the clear logo, banner art, etc. to be auto populated? For example, I noticed if I create playlists with a specific name (like Racing) it will automatically assign the appropriate clear logo for BigBox... but if I name it something else (like Racin' Games) it will not automatically work. Thanks.
  3. In BigBox Options for the Game Menu section, you can toggle various options that lets you choose what shows up on a game's detail page... things like: Show "Hide/Unhide" Show "Mark as Broken/Working" Is there an option to... Show "Add to Playlist / Remove from Playlist" ? I think maybe I am missing somewhere, because it let's you choose just about everything else there. I don't want this on my games menus. Thanks... love this software.
  4. Yeah, that Vertigo theme is the one I am currently using. It is nice, but I much prefer the basic styling of the Default BigBox theme. Thanks for the reply.
  5. About once a year I beg for an Vertical version of the official default BigBox theme... I would probably personally fund its development and purchase another LaunchBox license for it, at this point. 🙂 I am always pointed back to that partially complete custom theme from 2016, which is mostly usable but still has issues.
  6. Are there docs or a tutorial on making/editing themes? (I'm sure there are, but looking for a place to start) Thanks.
  7. I love this theme so much. Thank you! Please continue to update it. I would gladly support this theme.
  8. Missing auto-generated playlists: 3-Player Games Trackball Games Spinner Games Steering Wheel Games These would be great to throw into the mix, with the appropriate official art. Thanks again for all your work. LaunchBox is still my favorite... still getting better all the time!
  9. @madpossum Can you provide a link to "Virtual Joy"? Doing a broad search for that turns up a lot of stuff. Also, "x360ce" is the TocaEdit Xbox 360 Controller Emulator? Can I ask why you need both programs? Wouldn't a program that does keyboard to gamepad emulator be enough? Thanks for the info. I have been struggling with my IPAC control board (keyboard input-only) to play Steam games that don't let you customize keys, or require a game pad.
  10. I am in the same boat, looking for Steam games that work with 2-players on the same keyboard... which is good for Arcade Cabinet control panels that emulate keyboards (ipad encoders, etc.). So far I can confirm: "Raiden III Digital Edition" "Ultra Street Fighter IV"
  11. Is this still the latest version of this theme? This is the only option out that I could find. Thanks!
  12. Is there any chance of getting an official vertical theme for BigBox in the same style as the Default Theme? I see there is a partially complete custom theme from 2016 in the download section, but based on the comments, it sounds like some things cannot be customized, making the vertical theme difficult to design. I love LaunchBox but the lack of a default vertical theme is making it impossible for me to ditch other front-ends. Thanks! Again, I love LaunchBox. Many thanks to the devs.
  13. HapHzrd

    Sorting Games

    Ah... that's where it is. The alphabetical sort of the Street Fighter games was annoying me. :-) Thanks.
  14. HapHzrd

    Sharing my Launchbox

    Agreed. I spent a ton of time manually configuring other front ends. I wish I had that time back. :-) It is encouraging to see developers actively involved with the community and implementing requests. I will happily support developers like this.
  15. Thanks. I'm not that familiar with AHK. I'll study up on it.
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