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  1. Im a Launchbox Premium member but im stuck on version 7.16 and I dont get an update message when launching it. Any suggestions ?
  2. I have spent last few days breaking my Arcade Classics section into separate manufacturers Capcom, Taito, Data East, Midway etc.... I found some awesome icons for each of them (Oval Silver Edged Buttons really cool) and got it working in Bigbox. However im only currently getting the exact same background video for every one as they are all set as "Arcade" I presume. Does anyone know if there are manufacturer videos available just like there are for the home consoles. I have looked but not seen anything.... please help
  3. ok will go and upgrade my subscription now, think they deserve the support anyways looking at the amazing content...
  4. ive registered an account with emu movies and added my login details in launchbox and tested details and said all ok but when I go to grab images etc it doesn't pull any game videos through only images ???? do you have to be a paid member on Emu movies for that bit to work or am I being a NOOB again and done something wrong lol ? Help needed please :-)
  5. wow that does look amazing would love to have that but might need to save up a bit lol one for my future wish list.
  6. ouch that is a bit pricey but think would look cool... thanks for your help
  7. I am thinking about putting my pc in a cabinet now I have it all set up with Bigbox. Can you get narrow lcd screens that are a similar size to the actual marquee on the actual arcade cabinet ? then you could display the actual marquee on the cabinet and have it change depending on the game by maybee setting it up as a second scree ??? Think that would look pretty cool but dont know it such a thing is available ? I cant see anything but... I am pretty new on this so maybee its a stupid question :-)
  8. many thanks for your help !! works perfect now :-)
  9. where do I put the bigbox loading movie files ??? how do I get them to work ? Sorry but New on this :-)
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