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  1. I got my upgrade to Lifetime and couldn't be happier, would have been happy to pay full price but just got lucky with the timing, love this product. Oh and the consumer friendly marketing practices involved were the emails sent out to members stating that "there is a Black Friday Sale" so not sure what else exactly you want them to do. Keep up the great work devs.
  2. Cool thanks Retro808, i'll wait to see what pops up
  3. Hi all, does anyone know if there will be a Black Friday deal this year, my premium license just expired and was hoping to move to a lifetime license.
  4. Its sad that you cant continue the Android version development but with so little revenue to be made I think its the right choice to stick to the PC Version. I own both and to be honest the Android version was more of a curious purchase than anything, also to support your work but i didn't really use it and probably wouldn't have too much in the future, i find mounting storage etc in android painful which really puts me off gaming on it.
  5. I can confirm that i have had the same issue running Sega Saturn (Yaba Sanshiro) inside LB, crashes back to the game selection screen.
  6. Thanks Jason, I already have my NAS mounted as network storage but when I go import a system it only gives me the option to choose the internal storage. Am I missing something?
  7. Sorry if this has been answered previously but are there any plans to allow for network storage access, I have all my rom files on my NAS drive which i run on my Shield TV so i would like to keep it that way rather than transferring to an external drive.
  8. Yep im having exactly the same problem on windows 7 64 bit, frustrating to say the least!!!
  9. Great, is it possible to create custom platform catagories or at least rename a platform?
  10. Can that playlist be named whatever I choose and will I be able to add artwork etc to it? Sorry im a long time user of LB but have never had to do this so not really up with all the shortcuts etc.
  11. Hi all, im in the process of updating my Arcade Cabinet from Hyperspin (With RocketLauncher) to Launchbox and I was wondering if and how I can successfully move my Light Gun Games to Launchbox? The problem i have is that the games that are in the Hyperspin setup are using multiple emulators (Mame, wii etc.). Is there an option to create a new platform (Gun Games) then copy games from already existing platforms, so if I import all my MAME roms over can I then go through and copy the games to the Gun Games platform or is this impossible, I know i can just browse MAME etc for the games and play from there but I like having the dedicated gun menu item to go straight to a list of available games? Hopefully this isn't too hard to understand, its hard to put it in wording. Also what Theme do you guys recommend for an Arcade Cabinet, I do like CriticalZoneV2 as its clean and works well, just wondering if there are any others i should try, have tried Cityhunter but it was sluggish due to the large database of games. Thanks in advance
  12. Nevermind figured it out, Google was my friend 😀
  13. Cheers @Charco ive just started using the FTP in the past couple of weeks but didn't realize these theme videos were on there, ill definitely try and grab them. Out of curiosity is there a way to filter/show just the Unified videos instead of having to select them one by one in Filezilla, was hoping that they would all be in a separate folder but no deal, there are 14gb of Videos in that folder haha :)
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