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  1. Try to change the video plugin to Windows Media Player, if you are using VLC, in the BigBox settings.
    Simply the best, most fluid and nice looking theme, even until now in 2020. Please don't abandon your work RetroHumanoid and keep updating this theme.
  2. buxilaks, thank you so much for your effort. I didn't have time to see the new videos at the time you had posted, only now I'm downloading them. Great work man, I will configure the playlists in my Launchbox ASAP 😄
  3. Great, I was looking for something just like this! Thanks ! Can you edit a intro video like the genesis one, but for the other "minis" (ps1, snes and nes mini) ?
  4. Great intro video, I liked it a lot ! Could you make a shorter version?
  5. Incredible work RetroHumanoid, one of the greatest contributions to this community along with your theme. I have a suggestion, the platform video for PSP begins with the emumovies gameplay of Final Fantasy Tactics, but, as you may know, it lags a bit, noticible by the sound. So , if you can, make one version with the gameplay of another game in the beggining, it would be great !
  6. Exactly ! I was configuring it in the wrong way, thank you.
  7. Great Theme, beautiful, but I am having a little problem. In some Playlists Views, such as the one in the image attached, the gameplay videos aren't playing with the same size of the video borders. How to solve this problem?
  8. Great Theme y2guru, congratulations ! Way better than the preview versions 😉. Simple, clean, efficient. Now, like before, I will make my suggestions: - For the view that shows the blurred background image, I think that it is better to not move offscreen the info panels. What do you think ? - Can you make a clear logo for the TurboGrafx-16 ?😁
  9. Hahaha, this one was fun to watch. I liked it, good work !
  10. Incredible theme CriticalCid, congratulations ! Simple, functional, beautiful and has a great performance, I loved it! Loved the little details you added to each system too. Any plans to add community rate ?
  11. Ahh now it worked !! I had to select None for the"Game Background Transition" , for it to work properly. Thank you !
  12. Basically in all views. I've made a video, the recording was very bad (sorry), but you can see the theme video resizing before the next game's video begins to play (in the video, it looks like that my BigBox is freezing when I'm changing the game, but this is only in the video, I can assure that is not a performance problem related to my computer). Look at the end of the video (00:16), you can cleary see the theme video dimensions changing. Video.mp4
  13. Great theme y2guru , one of the best in my opinion. Loved the way you made the views, but I had a problem: in my desktop (1366x768), when I change some game, its theme video or background image size is modified before the next game's video begins. It is like the video/background image is resized before the next video/background image appear. Also, one more question, is there a way for you to add the community rating rather than "Your Rating" ?
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