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  1. Jason, how does the cache work? Is it a just a RAM cache of the files or some paginated/hybrid type? Can we assume that pre caching everything is always better? Even for large collections? Thanks
  2. I used to have more lag in BB, but it got better at some point this year. Since i didn`t see any performance improvements listed in patch notes (might have missed it) I suppose I changed something in my PC that made it better. I still notice some delay at loading game info, especially images (video too, but that is kinda expected). the cursor changes fast but the image take another second or so to show, that gives the impression of lag. I suppose it`s a normal amount of time to find an image in the disk and load it, but it could be better if it was pre cached I guess. Some other stuff that makes it feel laggy: - selecting a platform and going back from game list to platform list takes ~2 seconds - fluidity of animations (scrolling between games or emulators, sometimes looks like they run at 3fps) - input is lost when you navigate too fast (put the cursor on some game that is not yet cached, press up 4 times fast, the cursor goes up only 2 games or so) - I guess this one happens because the UI freezes while loading image/video and doesn`t process the input. I think it could be better if the images were cached as textures on the gpu and files were loaded in a background thread (just guessing) Anyways, I use a stock fx6300 with 8gb ddr3, rx480 8gb, 2560x1080@75hz (tried 1920x1080@60hz too) win10, latest drivers xbox 360 wireless controller (no lag in games) ~12k games, 480p videos, everything in a 7200rpm (~80MB/s read HDD) - no xpadder or antivirus tried many themes, all with similar symptoms. Thanks for looking into this.
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