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  1. Has this happened to anyone? I still can't figure out why...
  2. Hi, thanks for the note. Yes, there is box art on the ones not showing the videos. I do have them set to autoplay and yes, I have a license.
  3. I'd greatly appreciate any help on this. I tried mitigating more this weekend...scanned for missing media, rescanned roms, etc. and there are still many videos not showing up when they are correctly named and in the correct folders. Thank you!
  4. Hi Guys - I have a full MAME romset (.205) and associated media. I keep the media in different folders and point LB to them. All of the media was scraped from EmuMovies. I've been noticing missing videos and box covers for many well-known games. I happened to notice Soul Calibur last night, so decided to use LB to download the missing media. That worked fine. On further inspection though, the media does exist, but it's just not showing in LB. For example, the MP4 video is already in that folder. LB downloaded a new copy named "Soul Calibur.mp4" but "soulclbr.mp4" is already there. So now there are (2) of the exact same 8MB files with different names. The rom is named "soulclbr" so I don't understand why it's not showing up. Thanks in advance for the help!
  5. Weird, it still skips over several of them, even with the default theme.
  6. That sounds reasonable... I'm just using default now. Is that known to work with them all? I'll try with a couple of others as well to see if there's a difference. I really appreciate your time and help.
  7. So I tried this and the hotkey is a great tip. Oddly, it does now show more of the views as I cycle with the hotkey, but still not all of them. I'm getting only (1) vertical scroll view and missing a couple of others. Weird. Any ideas?
  8. Great tip - thank you. I will try this today. Is that known to also "fix" the issue of it not changing from the options menu, in addition to it being overall easier?
  9. HI Guys - I searched for a similar thread, but couldn't find anything. My only issue is that when I'm in BigBox and go-to options in order to change the "view" of the games list, my selection does nothing in practice. The default, games list view is fine and the only other one that comes up is the full-screen coverflow. It actually changes to that even when selecting a vertical scroll sometimes too. I'm thinking this is something simple, but if more details are needed, please let me know. Thanks for the help!
  10. So, follow-up question... The set I have has multiple images, sometimes in each category. For instance, 1941 has several advertisements... Is there a way to include them all? Also, I have both the themed videos and hi-res ones. In the LB options, I see that it gives an option to prefer the themed ones, which works when they are both selected manually per game. Is there a way to pull them both in this way? It seems like this will only allow for a single folder selection for "videos" rather than multiple, then to prefer the themed ones. Thanks again!
  11. Thanks so much, but I'm missing the folder tab for some reason. Looks exactly like your screen-grab, less the folder tab. Any ideas? Thank you again! EDIT - Check that! I was in Platform Category and not Platform. All set and thanks again!
  12. Hi Guys - I have an entire set of media (including from EmuMovies) already downloaded for a complete MAME set. I'd like to not have LaunchBox download everything again, rather want to point it to those folders for each asset. Sorry if I'm missing something, but is there a way to do this? I'd like to import only the game titles themselves into LB and then add all of the media from local folders. Thanks!
  13. Seems like something simple to implement. Thanks!
  14. Unearthing this... Was this ever added? Doesn't look like the request was acted on. This would be a great feature as changing individually for hundreds of entries is silly,
  15. Thanks for helping out - I really appreciate it. Yes, I can launch it fine, update it, etc. I haven't tried launching a game directly from it, which I can if that makes a difference.
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