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  1. I don't understand this behavior. For example, SNES ROM: "Super Fire Pro Wrestling III - Easy Type (Japan).zip". Select the ROM (Already in my collection). Go to the option "Download metadata and media" Check everything and prioritize emumovies. Select Yes, download and replace metadata and images. When it finish I can only see, the front box, clear logo (both from LB) and video (from emumovies). However, when I repeat the process, select "Yes, but don't replace existing metadata and images", I can see 3 extra images from emumovies. 1 fan art and 2 screenshots. And if I repeat the process with "Yes, download and replace metadata and images", it deletes those 3 files. On both escenarios, I can observe on the progress section that those 3 files are being downloaded. Should't have the same result in both scenarios?
  2. Multiple download threads will be cool. I added this to my host file api.gamesdbase.com Now its much faster when downloading movie files. On wireshark, I observe it alternates with this other address from Las Vegas.
  3. The more I download the more it get worse... With Emu app... EDIT: Ok, I did some investigation on wireshark. The mirror on launchbox is from Netherlands and the mirror from EmuSync is from Cloudflare on San Francisco. Is it possible to change it? Also notice that emusync uses 2 download threads. Launchbox:EmuSync:
  4. I did the test again. Now it avarage 10 Mbps. Even with version 9.9. I give up. I will just let it finish the scrap. edit: Its getting slower over time:(
  5. Greetings, I have a lifetime supporter license on EmuMovies and an expired license on LaunchBox. I tried to download HQ media for a MAME set and its taking forever. I did a speed test on LaunchBox v9.1 and EmuMovies Sync v2.53. Theres a big difference in speeds. For example, I tested "Mushihime-Sama Futari Black Label: Another Ver" HQ video. Through the task manager, I can observe that the download speed on launchbox is 2 Mbps and on EmuMovies Sync it reached 40 Mbps (my ISP speed). Is there a fix in later versions or a workaround for this issue without doing it manually? The only reason I bought a Lifetime Supporter license on emumovies was to take advantage of the speed. I read on launchbox front page both were partners, so this shouldn't be an issue. Thanks
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