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  1. Kega Fusion The megadrive is scraped as a Sega genesis but i seperated the genesis and megadrive games into 2 different roms folders and replaced the scraped genesis pics to mega drive as Sega Fusion runs .md games. I have done this for around 2 year now without any hiccup.
  2. I'm a noob when it comes to running Scripts and don't know how this is happening. I can tell you that my Launchbox Emulators and Games are Installed here E:/PC how can i find the Script and edit or delete it? if this is the right step to take. Cheers for the help mate.
  3. Yes, i don't know how im doing this as i've never had this problem ever until now. I've set up all emulator paths correctly same way i have done for years but heard of a few people having problems with certain emulators not workiing whilst the Launchbox startup and pause screens are enabled. I have disabled the newly added options, still the problem is there.
  4. Everytime i try to launch a game through launchbox i get this error? I can confirm the emulators & games work outside of launchboxwith no error at all. Can someone please help out.
  5. Can anyone help me out? I'm have seperated my Sega Genesis/Megadrive roms each to there own folders and added Sega genesis platform to my launchbox, it works fine. The problem is i want to add my Megadrive games with a Megadrive Platform Banner/Logo, how do i do this? And if possible, would i have to add all game covers for the Megadrive manually? Thanks in advance. Example Using the Megadrive transparent logo:
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