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  1. Indeed that was the error. I changed the Emulator application path to mame.exe, now it works just fine. Thank you for your time
  2. Hi all, just done a thorough search for this issue and I can't find anyone else with this problem on the forums. I have the following issue: whenever I try to play an Arcade rom with MAME, I get the following prompt instead of the game launching: I have my MAME roms set up as per this guide: I've also checked that my MAME copy runs fine, following this guide. No problem running SF2 : Here's a screenshot of the MAME emulator folder: And this is the roms folder (mame.ini rompath points to here): This is how MAME has been set up in Launchbox. If you see any mistakes please point them out for me:I'm at a loss here. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
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