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  1. I have a handful of PC source ports I'd like to import into Launchbox. I'm a bit confused on how to import them into Launchbox. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Hello, I recently purchased on Steam some games I played as a kids. Basically Doom, Quake and Descent. Now I haven't had a problem with Quake and Doom but I've been having issues with Descent. The version of DOS-Box this game comes with doesn't support a wireless controller, even with the controller support Steam has added to their system... I read online newer versions of DOS-Box support controllers and after testing I verified it does in DOS-Box Pure in retro arch. I really didn't know DOS well as a kid and looking for advice on how I can have the game launch with one click after some set up. I really don't know what are the files I need from my Steam Descent folder to do this in LaunchBox.. Any advice is appreciated
  3. Hello! I recently bought all the Descent games on Steam and would like to see if Launchbox premium could give me better wireless controller support. Currently I have been using a Sony DS4 for most of my gaming. With Descent I can't seem to get the controller to work at all. Would the added gamepad support make this possible? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
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