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  1. In my collection I have both zipped ISO and BIN/CUE files. The ISO files work perfectly, but the BIN/CUE ones do not. I have read that this is due to Launchbox prioritizing the CUE file. Is there a way to specify/prioritize which file types are loaded? Thank you!
  2. Windows 10 here on a gigabyte z170 board. I'm using official wireless adapters for both the 360 and xbox one S (the newest ones with bluetooth) controllers I have. The 360 controllers definitely have the menu lag and I'm 90% sure the one S ones do as well (should probably test again). Bluetooth had horrible lag with the new controllers, which is why I bought the dongle for them. This is not that though. The lag is not present with the dongle in-game.
  3. Glad I saw this, I've always had this lag when trying to scroll through games. I love bigbox way too much to ever give it up, but this has been a minor annoyance at times. Like many in this thread, I feel I have a more than capable PC - i5 6600k @ 4.7GHz, OC'ed GTX 1080, 16GB RAM at 3000MHz, and all of launchbox (including pictures and videos) are running from an SSD.
  4. ahh, so it will probably come back down to earth once everything is cached. Thanks for the super fast reply! I'll let it run for a bit later and see what happens
  5. I can't remember how much CPU usage I was having before, but I just updated to 8.3 today and am seeing a very high CPU usage in bigbox mode (27-30%). This seems pretty high since I have a 6600k at 4.7GHz.
  6. Since switching to 1.2 (and now 1.3), I've lost the game details screen (the one with the game description, number of players, platform, etc). Any way to get this back? I might be in the minority, but sometimes it was cool to be able to read a bit about a game that I was less familiar with. I also downloaded your MinimalX theme as well (awesome by the way!) and it seems to be missing this section as well so I'm guessing this may have been a design change.
  7. The "flip box" option in the game details screen is not working for me although I definitely have the reverse box art. Anyone else experiencing this?
  8. Thank you for the suggestion! I gave it a shot, but unfortunately it didn't have an effect. Dropping it down to 200% does help a bit so it is definitely an issue with windows scaling being above 100%. Oh well, not much I can do. Since the TV is 4k and in my living room, there's no way I'd be able to lower it to 100% full-time.
  9. Just switched over to this theme and I'm really loving it. Such a clean and great looking layout. Using the game list with clear logos seems to leave quite a few games that I don't have proper images for. This results in regular text that is too big for the space provided and hard to read. I switched to the list view, but the text here seems bigger than other list views I've been accustomed to. Can anyone confirm that this is this how it should appear or is it a scaling issue (4k TV with 300% windows scaling)? Either way, I'm not complaining about it, I'm just curious if there's something on my end I can do to fix it.
  10. First off, this theme is awesome!! Thank you OP for all of your awesome work! Two questions: 1) I've seen videos featuring "the grid" background video, does anyone have a link to where I can find it? 2) I'm using this on a 4k tv so my desktop scaling is at 300%. The text for all the data sections (platform data, description, etc) is quite large. Is there a way to scale this down a bit without affecting anything else? Thanks again!
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