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  1. Thanks for the information, Richard. That is very helpful -- unfortunately, I've not yet been able to replicate this problem on my computer. I did find some intermittent problems when using Vulkan (bezels were not showing up, though it did find the emulator process). Attached are screenshots of my graphics settings in dolphin. Perhaps you could test with these settings on your computer? I'll have to dig into this problem some more, probably examine the code a bit more closely. Graphics-General.bmp Graphics-Enhancements.bmp Graphics-Hacks.bmp Graphics-Advanced.bmp
  2. @Android16 @neil9000 @Jason Carr Thanks for the notice and feedback. I did try to leverage BB's video control in the past, but it did not provide the capabilities to do what I wanted. Regarding my plugin, I've been recommending WMP for awhile because I find it works better (for my plugin and themes, anyway). Jason continues to make some nice improvements to LB/BB, and he does his best to maintain compatibility with existing plugins and themes, but sometimes these plugins and themes just need a little tlc in the way of updates. I'll try to work on it this weekend. EDIT: Okay that was an easy fix; just a path change for the new ThirdParty subfolder. I've been meaning to put out an updated version of the plugin and themes for awhile. I'll roll this fix into that, and hopefully I can work on the releases this weekend or later this month. It's a bit hectic here, however; in the thick of it with pandemic contingencies, and my job is not one where I can shelter in place and catch up on stuff around the house.
  3. The most recent version of dolphin with which I've tested (and found to work) is x8915. It's possible the dolphin team has changed some of their window management code. Would you please consider testing with x8915 on your system, to see if this isolates the problem?
  4. Awesome -- glad your sorted it out.
  5. Generation of the Random, Recent, Favorites, etc. playlists is handled by a plugin I made (separate from Nostalgia but you can use together). Look a the drop-in documentation for Ao Bigbox Customs. It will regenerate lists on LB/BB startup, e.g., a new list of random games will be generate on each startup. You can specify which lists are used, and the size of the list. If you are looking for a plugin to pick a new random game every time you press a key combination, there might be a plugin somewhere else on the forum for this.
  6. yeah i use it for all gc games -- tested with dolphin 5.0-8915 ... if you use with another version and run into any trouble, please let me know
  7. While WL will support bezels for a variety of emulators, when using RetroArch or MAME I strongly suggest you setup bezels within the emulator itself; RA and MAME have very robust support for bezels. For other emulators which do not support bezels (e.g., dolphin, PCSX2), you can certainly use WL for bezels (that's what I do). Please see the attached PDF and the examples bundled with the WL download, and let me know if you have any questions. WootLauncher-v1.5.1.pdf
  8. Think I have a fix for this. @viking Here's an updated dll you can try (you have to right-click > properties > unblock it) Ao.Bigbox.Themer.v3_9_7a.dll
  9. @viking @johnsanc @wallmachine I might have identified the lag when first switching to a platform. Selection snoop tries to gather info about the platform, and part of that means it looks for a random selection of platform videos and images (e.g., to display if there is no platform video -- it can loop through random game videos or images when using the video engine bundled within the plugin). Anyways, that's not really applicable to Colorful, but it's probably where the bottleneck is. @johnsanc -- this is probably much more notable on your setup since you store videos on a network drive. I'll pm you with a revised version of the plugin; please test it when you have time. If we can confirm that's the problem, we can then post our results back here.
  10. Thanks for the clarification and video; very helpful. I'll work on it this weekend.
  11. Sorry to hear of the slowdowns my plugin might have caused. I've been quite busy at work and home so have not checked in recently. Thanks @viking for keeping me in the loop. @johnsanc -- so, the lag issue with Colorful goes away if you remove references to the game videos, and only occurs on the platform screens? Does this also solve the performance issue with the Nostalgia platform and game views?
  12. It's an easy change on the surface, but I ran into trouble with how the platform and game details views would look when entering from a wheel based view, so I decided not to implement the wheel views.
  13. FYI for anyone wondering -- we worked this out in a pm. MuffinXXL had to change the platform/game views to Wheel 4, which are the views which use clear logos for the wheel.
  14. Yes, you should be able to use the Demul config also for Hikaru and Gaelco since those also (like Naomi and Atomiswave) use Demul. You might not even have to do anything for those to work since there is already a config for Demul, but I've not tried Hikaru or Gaelco. I'm not familiar with the other emulators, but you *should* be able to get them to work by setting up a configuration (text-based) file for them. Please have a look at the WootLauncher PDF file bundled with the download (and also attached here) to see if it helps. I'm away from my home computer for now, so that's the best I can do for now. Try it out and let me know how it goes. WootLauncher-v1.5.1.pdf
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