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  1. All the plugin does is convert a platform, playlist, or category name to a SolidColorBrush. I'll need to update it to work for games views, but that should be easy.
  2. @viking You could try tinting an image of white stars like this. I used this tinting approach in Minimal-AO: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/28247010/tint-a-partially-transparent-image-in-wpf That should work, and you should also be able to use it with the platform to color converter I provided you.
  3. Glad you like the theme. For the fade-ins to work as in the video (in theme description above), you'll need to also use my WootLauncher plugin for LB/BB. Please note WL is not compatible with BB's built-in startup and pause screens; you'll have to deactivate those. Also, in the video it looks even more integrated because I use the same bezels in FluxCRT for retroarch cores. https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/file/1619-wootlauncher/ I noticed you sent me a pm; we can work on this issue there.
  4. You don't have to scrap anything -- you can setup RetroArch as another emulator and just point LB to it while testing to see if you like it. That being said, RetroArch is not good for Dolphin and only so-so for Atomiswave/DC (the reicast core is coming along nicely). RetroArch works very well for a bunch of other systems such as NES, SNES, Genesis, GB, Atari, etc. (a very long list). The systems for which I personally let WL do the bezels include: GameCube, PS2, and demul stuff (though I'm moving over to RA's reicast core). You shouldn't have to do much for setup, but yes it does need to map emu/platform names at some point, e.g., Nintendo GameCube > DOLPHIN@GAMECUBE, to match how the overlay images are named. Caveat: this is off the top of my head -- I can provide more help when back home later. There should be a file in the Config subdirectory of WootLauncher (these files self deploy when you first use the plugin) that has this mapping. The WL download does not include bezels for NES etc. since RA does such a great job w/bezels, though WL could of course apply its own overlay for NES games if one wanted it to.
  5. Yeah -- I totally get that ... one of the reasons I made this plugin; empty spaces of the black bars really bothers me, and stretching games to fill the screen looks funny. I use RetroArch for most systems, and its overlay system works well once setup.
  6. You can certainly try it (enabling only the overlay function of WL), but I don't think it will work and will have to be all or nothing. WootLauncher and the built-in startup/pause screens work differently. Like RocketLauncher, WL needs to capture the emulator window so it can apply an overlay.
  7. @Wonderwhy: You might consider setting up Syncthing to do this. I use it to sync my libraries between Windows and Linux (NAS/backup) devices, and I think there's also a client for android. Just a thought ... I think it's easy to use. Syncthing is mentioned in another thread, and I don't want to hijack this one just thought I'd mention it. Here's the thread: https://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/50502-does-anyone-have-a-method-for-keeping-their-save-states-updated-across-multiple-computers/?tab=comments#comment-324017
  8. Nice to hear it's working well. That's a great catch with the SEGA_GAME_GEAR; I'll fix that for the next release. I'll check out the video positioning issue. FYI, the ALL CAPS naming convention (e.g., AMIGA_CD32) is something I use internally to get things to match up -- this is how the files and images in AVLF are named. There is a mapping in Plugins \ Ao.Bigbox.Themer.v3.9.6.dll.config that defines how to get from user-defined names to my standardized name. The files in Nostalgia \ Images \ Platforms do not employ this mapping and must be renamed manually to match how you name the platforms. P.s. I fixed the Amiga naming for the next release, too. Thanks again!
  9. For the most part, you should be able to edit the section where the FontFamily resources are defined. That section in PlatformWheel3FiltersView looks like this: ... <!-- FONTS DECLARED HERE BECAUSE DOES NOT SEEM TO WORK FROM WITHIN NOSTALGIA.XAML --> <FontFamily x:Key="NostClockFontFamily">/Ao.Bigbox.Themes.Nostalgia;Component/Fonts/#Arcade</FontFamily> <FontFamily x:Key="NostLoadingFontFamily">/Ao.Bigbox.Themes.Nostalgia;Component/Fonts/#Arcade</FontFamily> <FontFamily x:Key="NostVertYearFontFamily">/Ao.Bigbox.Themes.Nostalgia;Component/Fonts/#Neon Pixel-7</FontFamily> <FontFamily x:Key="NostWheelShadowListFontFamily">/Ao.Bigbox.Themes.Nostalgia;Component/Fonts/#Bebas Neue</FontFamily> ... These references pull fonts from the Nostalgia DLL, but you could also pull a font installed on your system. There is a new(-ish) way to use fonts in BB themes without installing them on your system, but I've not used that approach so cannot comment on it. When editing the fonts above, you'll need to leave the key name alone; just change the content of the FontFamily tag, e.g.: ... <FontFamily x:Key="NostClockFontFamily">SomeFontInstalledOnMySystem</FontFamily> ... Changing fonts for certain view items (e.g., most of the lists) might change spacing a little and therefore mess with the layout. When I use lists in my views, for example, I space items so that none are cut off on the top or bottom of this list when scrolling since that irks me.
  10. UPDATED to v6.0 -- support for LB10+ (now requires 10+)
  11. UPDATED to v1.6 -- support for LB10+ (now requires 10+)
  12. UPDATED to v1.7 -- support for LB10+ (now requires 10+)
  13. UPDATED to v2.0 -- support for LB10+ (now requires 10+) ... Turned off by default is when then selection wheel fades to platform/game details. You can turn this back on if you want by quickly editing Views\Styles\Nostalgia.xaml ... near the top of the file, and the bundled PDF describes what to change. @Guidope
  14. @bundangdon, @neil9000 -- updated to support LB10+ ... Turned off by default is when then selection wheel fades to platform/game details. You can turn this back on if you want by quickly editing Views\Styles\Nostalgia.xaml ... near the top of the file, and the bundled PDF describes what to change.
  15. Thanks, Guidope. I had to update it to support LB 10+. I'm almost done and hope to post an updated Nostalgia this weekend.
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