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  1. Nostalgia

    @Dan: Yes, you can just comment out the aop:VertReleaseYear control in the views' xaml files. To add the date to the other details, look for controls aop:GameMetadataTable and PlatformMetdataTable; to property FieldOrder you can add GameReleaseYear or PlatformReleaseYear. I think I got all that right; don't have the code in front of me.
  2. Big Box Freeze Ups

    Sounds great. It'd be great to fix the plugin and would also be cool with me if you wanted to integrate any of it into Big Box. I'll pm the source later this week.
  3. Big Box Freeze Ups

    The version I provided Cid is not public; I had just emailed it to him for testing. I wish it was as simple as updating, but I think @CriticalCid also noted freezes in the newer version I sent him. I'll go ahead and update Nostalgia tonight, which will contain the new version of the plugin in case anyone wants to test. I'll run Nostalgia in attract mode for awhile to see if it freezes.
  4. Big Box Freeze Ups

    When a freeze occurs, anything specific in the error message? Does the system get sluggish before freezing? Does the problem only exist with VLC? Thanks to Cid's help I did find a bad memory leak in Ao.Bigbox.Themer related to VLC. I had fixed it and sent Cid a new version for testing, but I presume that new version is also freezing?
  5. Advice

    BTW, I'd also recommend a backup outside the nas. I backup weekly to another Linux box via rsync. 5 yrs ago, I was almost burned by a hard drive failure. Luckily, I salvaged the family photos etc. I built a more robust solution since then, and FreeNAS is part of that.
  6. Advice

    Look into FreeNAS. I've been using it for the past 4 years and it's been very reliable.
  7. Nostalgia

    This is probably due to how LB creates those Arcade playlists. I don't currently use Mame so didn't notice that. Would you please pm me your Launchbox\Data folder? That might provide some clues I can use to fix it. If that doesn't pan out, I'll try to setup Mame for further debugging.
  8. Long Starup Times

    Do you notice it with different BigBox themes?
  9. Nostalgia

    Uploaded beta6 to fix that problem. Long live beta6! (hopefully longer than 5)
  10. Nostalgia

    If you view the "Arcade" platform itself, are the boxes still missing? Does it occur consistently or only for some games?
  11. Nostalgia

    @Zanak, @neil9000: Thanks for reporting that bug. Good thing I left it as a beta! I assumed the Background folder would always be there, but looks like it's not created unless background music is enabled in Bigbox. I just need to add a check in the code, and that's an easy fix. I'll post the fix when I'm back home later today. In the meantime, creating an empty Background folder in LaunchBox\Music should allow the theme to work.
  12. Nostalgia

    Updated to v1.0-beta5, probably the last beta. Along the way, I did a bit of code refactoring and hopefully didn't break anything. @Omen, @neil9000, @davemk, @CDBlue, @ReaperZer0 -- addressed those issues you raised. Thanks again for the feedback!
  13. Nostalgia

    @neil9000 are you still getting this error with the update I pm'd last week?
  14. Music file/ background Video issue

    @alnyden, @CDBlue, @davemk: Yes I agree it's not a theme-specific problem. When debugging Nostalgia, I switched to the Default view to see how those sound/volume options should work, and the Default view also has problems. I do have a fix in Nostalgia that circumvents this problem (have not yet posted the update), but yes it will affect most if not all themes.
  15. Bigbox as Windows Shell (minor) Issue

    I don't know about Windows 10, but with 7 you can automatically login to an account at startup, and that account can start BigBox when logged into. So, I just turn on the computer and BigBox starts up. It's very easy to setup and no messing with the registry. I imagine you can do something similar in Windows 10.