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  1. 7.11-beta-1 Released

    Thanks Neil. I'm still gonna look into it and try to prevent or trap that exception so it doesn't cause an error message. I'm glad it's not occurring that often, however. Thanks again for reporting it.
  2. CriticalZone

    Thanks for the report, Charco. Does this seem to be reproducible when exiting a game? Is it still occurring for you on startup?
  3. 7.11-beta-1 Released

    That's on me, a bug in the video plugin used in criticalzone v2. I'll look into it this evening. Can you force it to replicate, or does it appear random?
  4. Theme DLL issue

    Just checking, but are you running Windows 10 as 32 or 64-bit? I'd be surprised if you're running 32-bit, but if you are it might explain that error with SlimDx which has separate 32 and 64-bit versions. Also, what's the error you get with Ao.Bigbox, and what version of Ao.Bigbox?
  5. Yes, I agree -- ideally the plugin system could be updated to allow manipulation of the context menus in LB and the menus in BB. Perhaps at the very least, IGameMenuItem could allow the developer to specify whether they'd want the menu item disabled or just hidden altogether. I hope you find the answer on discord. If you do, please make a quick reply here saying so.
  6. Looks like that should work. When your method returns false, the menu item will be hidden in BigBox and disabled (grayed out) in LaunchBox. I don't think you can actually hide the menu item in LaunchBox; only disable it. Yeah check out the discord channel to see if someone has a fix, if what you're trying to do is actually hide the menu item in LB.
  7. Would you please provide an example of what you're trying to do, specifically, with your custom IGameMenuItem? What game criteria are you looking to use to determine whether or not to show the menu item?
  8. Your List of Small Things

    A parental filter would be nice, I think. E.g., set Bigbox to allow play E-10 games and below, for example This option could be available only when Bigbox is unlocked via the pin.
  9. On that note, if you're debugging a control that uses slimdx, the lib probably needs to be 32 bit because VS debugger runs in 32 bit. I ran into this problem when using slimdx within AO Bigbox Customs. I made my library load either the 32 or 64 bit version of slimdx, based on the current runtime environment; that solved the problem and also allows my library to work for 32 and 64 bit. This is because slimdx is not truly managed and relies on native 32 and 64 bit libs. You can read about this in the slimdx forums, should come up in a quick Google search. It cannot really support the target "Any" option in .NET. I'm pretty certain about this but @Grila please correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. There are different slimdx libs for 32 and 64 bit. Could that be the problem? Are you running at 32 or 64 bit.
  11. Working with GenresString

    You'll probably need to use code-behind for this. You can write a converter to get this info.
  12. AO Bigbox Customs

    Great! I'll need to fix it so it works with "Use All Controllers", but glad it works for now. Thanks for helping me find that bug. Awesome! I had fun working on it. Glad you find it useful.
  13. AO Bigbox Customs

    Can you try unchecking "Use All Controllers" under the BB controller options? I only have one controller for testing.
  14. AO Bigbox Customs

    Thanks for the error message. Your controller is working fine with BigBox otherwise (minus the plugin)? Would you please send me your BigBoxSettings.xml file in Launchbox\Data\? Error is probably because I need to add support for XInput rather than just DirectInput -- I'll work on that.