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  1. FYI for anyone wondering -- we worked this out in a pm. MuffinXXL had to change the platform/game views to Wheel 4, which are the views which use clear logos for the wheel.
  2. Yes, you should be able to use the Demul config also for Hikaru and Gaelco since those also (like Naomi and Atomiswave) use Demul. You might not even have to do anything for those to work since there is already a config for Demul, but I've not tried Hikaru or Gaelco. I'm not familiar with the other emulators, but you *should* be able to get them to work by setting up a configuration (text-based) file for them. Please have a look at the WootLauncher PDF file bundled with the download (and also attached here) to see if it helps. I'm away from my home computer for now, so that's the best I can do for now. Try it out and let me know how it goes. WootLauncher-v1.5.1.pdf
  3. That's right -- though I do have a 3.9.7a (work in progress) version I will send you via pm
  4. Great, thanks. What about testing with a fresh download of Retrotastic? @faeran: Have you noticed any problems with these icons using current versions of LB/BB? Please remind me what version of the Ao.Bigbox.Themer library your current version of Retrotastic uses.
  5. Could you see how this same game looks in one of my themes called Refaktor? Maybe that will help narrow down the problem.
  6. I'm not aware that NeonDeluxeArcade uses the Ao.Bigbox.Themer dll, but would you check its plugins folder? If so, that's a possible point of conflict. That's fine; I do the same. The default config, bundled in the DLL, sets AllowResourceOverrides to False. Since @faeran provides his own copy of Ao.Bigbox.Themer.v3_9_4.dll.config with his theme, that default config in the DLL is ignored and his setting of AllowResourceOverrides True is honored. QUESTION: You said the ESRB icons are showing up. Are those the ESRB icons styled by faeran or the basic icons provided in the themer library. Some screenshots might help.
  7. Getting the marquee to work in this scenario would be helpful. Though since it might be difficult to get a table-like layout in the options views, the best solution might include both: (1) using a fixed-width font, and (2) marquee element for the value of the option.
  8. That's something I've never done, but fixed width fonts on the option views makes things line up nicely.
  9. It looks fantastic! Great job with this. The simplest (best?) way would be to use a fixed-width font for the options views. That's what I did for FluxCRT, Refaktor, and Nostalgia.
  10. Could you use the MultiTrigger conditions (fired when IsSelectionActive becomes True or False) to change the Scroll property of the MarqueeTextBlock to Off or LeftTypewriter? You'd have to somehow reference the MarqueeTextBlock in the DataTemplate; perhaps if you provide it an x:Name? I've never done that but worth a shot.
  11. Thanks for the example. Are you using AutoscrollListBox? I agree the marquee scrolling is a bit off -- would be better to only scroll the selected item. Also, it seems to get confused by the arrow graphic and does not scroll as much as it should.
  12. All the plugin does is convert a platform, playlist, or category name to a SolidColorBrush. I'll need to update it to work for games views, but that should be easy.
  13. @viking You could try tinting an image of white stars like this. I used this tinting approach in Minimal-AO: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/28247010/tint-a-partially-transparent-image-in-wpf That should work, and you should also be able to use it with the platform to color converter I provided you.
  14. Glad you like the theme. For the fade-ins to work as in the video (in theme description above), you'll need to also use my WootLauncher plugin for LB/BB. Please note WL is not compatible with BB's built-in startup and pause screens; you'll have to deactivate those. Also, in the video it looks even more integrated because I use the same bezels in FluxCRT for retroarch cores. https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/file/1619-wootlauncher/ I noticed you sent me a pm; we can work on this issue there.
  15. You don't have to scrap anything -- you can setup RetroArch as another emulator and just point LB to it while testing to see if you like it. That being said, RetroArch is not good for Dolphin and only so-so for Atomiswave/DC (the reicast core is coming along nicely). RetroArch works very well for a bunch of other systems such as NES, SNES, Genesis, GB, Atari, etc. (a very long list). The systems for which I personally let WL do the bezels include: GameCube, PS2, and demul stuff (though I'm moving over to RA's reicast core). You shouldn't have to do much for setup, but yes it does need to map emu/platform names at some point, e.g., Nintendo GameCube > DOLPHIN@GAMECUBE, to match how the overlay images are named. Caveat: this is off the top of my head -- I can provide more help when back home later. There should be a file in the Config subdirectory of WootLauncher (these files self deploy when you first use the plugin) that has this mapping. The WL download does not include bezels for NES etc. since RA does such a great job w/bezels, though WL could of course apply its own overlay for NES games if one wanted it to.
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