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  1. eatkinola

    LaunchBox Plugin Overhaul for 9.2-beta-3

    These changes are awesome! Thanks so much for updating the plugin API.
  2. Yep, the new API features fix most of these issues very nicely. You can still spam the play game menu item, but I just ignore extra invocations in my plugin so it's no big deal from my perspective. Thanks so much for implementing these features.
  3. Hey @Jason Carr. Is this (getting the currently running game) something you might incorporate in the plugin API when working on the game loading screens? I suppose this is complicated by the fact multiple games can be launched by Alt-tabbing back to BB then hitting play game again, so there is no guarantee of a single running game. From the game details screen, you can actually hit enter rapidly in succession and get the game to load multiple times. Ah, the things we do when testing. Surely someone would've done that in the real world, anyway. On a related note, an ISystemEventPlugin's method gets invoked with a GameStarting event type even when the game load fails, e.g., "the specified rom is not found". I can make a workaround for this but my workaround is a bit klugey and I'm sure does not capture all cases; the logic you use is certainly more comprehensive. Would it be possible to only fire a GameStarting event if it first passes muster in your BB code? P.s. Thanks for working on the load screens by the way; will be nice to have that a core feature of BB. I'll hopefully post my windowed version for download later this week, once I work out a few more wrinkles. I learned a bit more about C#, p/invoke, and low-level input stuff when working on it; was kinda fun.
  4. eatkinola


    Thanks @andyco47 for reporting this error and helping test a solution. We worked it out, but in case anyone else has this problem ... it's very likely due to a glitch in the windows performance monitors on your setup. This info in this link should address it: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/17980178/cannot-load-counter-name-data-because-an-invalid-index-exception
  5. eatkinola


    Sorry you're having trouble. You don't need to edit that XML file; in fact editing those lines won't really do anything for this theme. MinimalX forces the use of WMP by default since the plugin it uses is a bit buggy with VLC and WMP works fine. It uses WMP regardless of what you specify in BigBox (you can override this behavior and force the use of VLC in one of the theme's config file; that info is in the PDF file bundled with the theme). I'm not sure offhand why your videos are not displaying. Are all videos not displaying, or just videos of a certain file format? What version of LB and the MinimalX theme are you using?
  6. eatkinola


    For the games you want to display this icon, add a custom field in LB for that game called "AoController". The value of the custom field should be one of the values from the file Ao.Bigbox.Themer.vX_X.dll.config in the theme's plugins folder (this is the plugins configuration file). For example, put field Name = "AoController" and Value "GameCube" (or you could input "Nintendo GameCube", "Nintendo GC", or "GC") in the game's Custom Fields tab of the edit dialog (this will map to the banner icon png for NINTENDO_GAMECUBE which is bundled in the themer dll). You can do bulk edits for games so you don't have to open up this dialog for each and every game. <!-- META: GAME CONTROLLERS (CUSTOM FIELD: AoController) --> <add key="Game-Controller.GENERIC_ARCADE_STICK" value="Arcade_Stick" /> <add key="Game-Controller.GENERIC_KEYBOARD_MOUSE" value="Keyboard_Mouse,Keyboard" /> <add key="Game-Controller.GENERIC_LIGHT_GUN" value="Light_Gun,Lightgun" /> <add key="Game-Controller.LOGITECH_F310" value="Logitech_F310,F310" /> <add key="Game-Controller.LOGITECH_F710" value="Logitech_F710,F710" /> <add key="Game-Controller.MICROSOFT_XBOX_ONE" value="Microsoft_Xbox_One,Xbox_One" /> <add key="Game-Controller.NINTENDO_64" value="Nintendo_64" /> <add key="Game-Controller.NINTENDO_GAMECUBE" value="Nintendo_GameCube,Nintendo_GC,GameCube,GC" /> <add key="Game-Controller.NINTENDO_GAMECUBE_WB" value="Nintendo_WaveBird,WaveBird" /> <add key="Game-Controller.NINTNDO_WIIMOTE" value="Nintendo_WiiMote,WiiMote" /> <add key="Game-Controller.SONY_DUALSHOCK_3" value="Sony_DualShock_3,Sony_DS3,DualShock_3,DS3" /> <add key="Game-Controller.SONY_DUALSHOCK_4" value="Sony_DualShock_4,Sony_DS4,DualShock_4,DS4" />
  7. eatkinola

    Where to buy "Genuine" SANWA buttons

    +1 dat
  8. Updated for testers; hopefully addressed the main remaining issues ... we'll see. Works very smooth for me using MAME, RA, DEMUL, Dolphin, PCSX2. * fixed: block PDF navigation while worker thread loading PDF * fixed: additional performance improvements for PDF viewer * fixed: smoother load/exit screens, and tweakable per emulator * fixed: smoother fading when using game/plat-composed images * fixed: was not regaining focus on game exiting and return to BB * added: legend overlay to GameManualViewer (another plugin) * added: logger will now indicate whether LB/BB being used
  9. eatkinola


    Thanks -- never seen this error, will work on a fix. Workaround in meantime would be to comment out this line in SystemView.xaml: <!-- <aov:EnvironmentInfoVM UpdateInterval="0:0:3" /> --> Appreciate the screenshot! @andyco47
  10. eatkinola


    Yeah that looks more like a windows incompatibility, as its microsoft.windows.themes.ClassicBorderDecorator. are you using a non default shell or theme in Windows? Found a fix for this bug. Thanks @andyco47 and @neil9000.
  11. Certainly, I'd be happy to discuss anytime. I've tried taking a robust approach and to minimize setup time but grant it might not work with all emulators. I have a few issues left to resolve, but it's overall working well with RA, MAME, Dolphin, Demul, and PCSX2. My approach does require using windowed modes for emulators. I'd not really thought about input lag but have not noticed any problems there. If anyone notes issues, at least for RetroArch there seem to be some nice built-in input lag solutions.
  12. Of course; added you to the testing group check your private messages. Hopefully this plugin is near completion. Please note it currently only works for BigBox, but in the future I hope it'll also work in LB. You should know Jason is also starting to work on integrating fades and possible pause menus and bezels into LB/BB; here's his thread:
  13. eatkinola


    No I don't know how to do that, though most things are possible.
  14. eatkinola


    Yes I almost have something ready. However, I'm not sure if it would support 8.5 as I'm currently developing it for 9+. It will be a pause menu; I don't plan to make a games menu item.