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  1. I would suggest you export by platform, then make sure the xml file under the Data / Platforms folder, the roms under Games / platform name, and the pics under Images / platform name are there and consistent. So for example, if you exported a bunch of SNES roms, then decided to export another SNES rom later, you should export all of them together again. Replace the platform xml file, then add the new rom and images for the new rom. The XML file from an export will list all the roms you've exported. Doing a single later and replacing the xml file on your android would then only show the single rom in launchbox.
  2. I had a similar issue with Sega CD games (which have bins and cues). What worked for me was to manually transfer the bin files into the same folder as the cue files on the android device.
  3. It was an error on my part. I had not updated links to filenames before exporting to Android. Another question: Is there a workaround for Sega CD bins and cues to get those working?
  4. They are in z64 format and not zipped.....
  5. Thanks, restarting Retroarch fixed that issue. I've tried Genesis, NES, SNES and all those roms start successfully from LBA. For some reason, N64 games dont start, the screen blinks and is back at the game list menu. I can go into retroarch and run N64 games there using either GLES2 or GLE3 of MuPen64PlusNext cores. so not sure what's going on there. I've tried selecting the different cores in the emulator setup with the same result.
  6. This was it, the xml files were under a "Platforms" folder. Moving them directly in "Data" made them show up. Another issue I ran into: After setting up retroarch for a particular platform, when clicking on the game to start it's not finding the game but going to the retroarch menu. Is there a step somewhere to link the rom location to retroarch? Thanks!
  7. Im having issues on Shield TV. I've exported some platforms from PC and moved then to the Launchbox folder on the Shield (under Android ... etc). Nothing is shown in the platforms screen.
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