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  1. funny thing is that CLI and RocketLauncher works perfectly. I really want to try to get this working
  2. I´m facing a lot of problems running consoles through MAME libretro. I can open CMD at Windows 10 and run the games via CLI with no problem, but once I try to configure the same behaviour inside Lauchbox I always end up with Retroarch closing or freezing. I already got the parameters needed to run the consoles (i.e. astrocde -cart for Bally Astrocade). I already tried to put every other parameter, like rompath, -v for verbose, etc. I was wondering if Lauchbox has a way to check the CLI sent to Retroarch like Rocketlauncher does? Any help would be greatly welcome. BTW, I rea
  3. If that´s the case, where can I get this cinematic and others that are not available at launchbox. It looks amazing and I waint it really bad. BW, thanks for replying my post
  4. Why cant Lauchbox find NEC Supergrafx Retrohumanoid Cinematics. It says: Not Yet Available
  5. I´ll give MAME standalone a try and let you guys know 😉
  6. I tried this method, but still got nothing working
  7. I did something similar to what you showed me ("astrocde -cart \"%romfile%\"") but only a white screen flashes from retroarch an close afterwards
  8. Hi guys I´m strugling to get Amstrad GX4000, Bally Astrocade and others like these ones to run using retroarch and MAME core. I tried to put parameters I found on internet like: "astrocde -cart" with no success at all. The games are in zip format and I was able to run them on retroarch using rocketlauncher (I don´t want to use rocketlauncher anymore :-)). All my bios are stored in system folder inside retroarch folder. Below you can find my configuration: thanks for the help in advance
  9. Thanks a lot guys. now everything is working properly
  10. Turns out to be the Emulator associated to the games. I think it´s a bug. When I configured GameCube first time, I associated games with Retroarch, after that I installed Dolphin and once I changed the default Gamecube emulator, it has not changed the games.
  11. Hi Guys I don´t know why GameCube and Wii games are not running when I double click them on Launchbox. If you instead click with the right button of the mouse, and then select Dolphin emulator to launch the game, it runs OK. I have Dolphin (development version) and I also tried the official version with no success. The same is happening to PS2 games and PCSX2 official version emulator. I already tried to turn on and off every single parameter on the emulator configuration, tried to delete additional parameters. Additionnally the Dolphin is set to default emulator and the G
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