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  1. funny thing is that CLI and RocketLauncher works perfectly. I really want to try to get this working
  2. I´m facing a lot of problems running consoles through MAME libretro. I can open CMD at Windows 10 and run the games via CLI with no problem, but once I try to configure the same behaviour inside Lauchbox I always end up with Retroarch closing or freezing. I already got the parameters needed to run the consoles (i.e. astrocde -cart for Bally Astrocade). I already tried to put every other parameter, like rompath, -v for verbose, etc. I was wondering if Lauchbox has a way to check the CLI sent to Retroarch like Rocketlauncher does? Any help would be greatly welcome. BTW, I really want to use Retroarch, I have everything working on MAME already, but I want to move to Retroarch anyway
  3. If that´s the case, where can I get this cinematic and others that are not available at launchbox. It looks amazing and I waint it really bad. BW, thanks for replying my post
  4. Why cant Lauchbox find NEC Supergrafx Retrohumanoid Cinematics. It says: Not Yet Available
  5. I´ll give MAME standalone a try and let you guys know 😉
  6. I tried this method, but still got nothing working
  7. I did something similar to what you showed me ("astrocde -cart \"%romfile%\"") but only a white screen flashes from retroarch an close afterwards
  8. Hi guys I´m strugling to get Amstrad GX4000, Bally Astrocade and others like these ones to run using retroarch and MAME core. I tried to put parameters I found on internet like: "astrocde -cart" with no success at all. The games are in zip format and I was able to run them on retroarch using rocketlauncher (I don´t want to use rocketlauncher anymore :-)). All my bios are stored in system folder inside retroarch folder. Below you can find my configuration: thanks for the help in advance
  9. Thanks a lot guys. now everything is working properly
  10. Turns out to be the Emulator associated to the games. I think it´s a bug. When I configured GameCube first time, I associated games with Retroarch, after that I installed Dolphin and once I changed the default Gamecube emulator, it has not changed the games.
  11. Hi Guys I don´t know why GameCube and Wii games are not running when I double click them on Launchbox. If you instead click with the right button of the mouse, and then select Dolphin emulator to launch the game, it runs OK. I have Dolphin (development version) and I also tried the official version with no success. The same is happening to PS2 games and PCSX2 official version emulator. I already tried to turn on and off every single parameter on the emulator configuration, tried to delete additional parameters. Additionnally the Dolphin is set to default emulator and the GameCube and Wii is configured on the associated platforms tab.
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