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  1. Here is the updated script and instructions. Let me know if any issues and I can try to fix. Attached file but may become outdated so check github link. https://github.com/ptmorris1/RPCS3-ISOLauncher-Launchbox The script. https://github.com/ptmorris1/RPCS3-ISOLauncher-Launchbox/blob/master/RPCS3-ISO-LaunchBox.ps1 RPCS3-ISO-LaunchBox.ps1
  2. @FoxyMonty What are you using to decrypt your ISO? ps3dec or 3k3y or something else? Why not decrypt them and be done instead of having to decrypt every time you want to play and have that extra copy stored as well, just curious. Looks like LaunchBox supports running powershell now so I have updated my script for launching ISO, will post tomorrow or this weekend.
  3. Still the best way to do it as far as I know. I didn't know about encrypted ISO, my script doesn't account for that.
  4. @Landcross Was able to get powershell to work this way but my paths are hardcoded into the script so not as dynamic as using the converted exe.
  5. https://rpcs3.net/compatibility A few games are playable, mostly PSN games but some.
  6. You aren't able to open the iso directly as far as I know, so you would need to extract it out to its own folder and load the EBOOT.BIN. This just mounts the drive and keeps the ISO in tact and easily moved around if needed, easier than a 20gb folder and files.
  7. Doesn't look like it. Let me mess around with it and see if I can get that to work also. Thanks! So if you setup like this it can work with a relative path, I will see about improving this..... How to use relative path: Put RPCS3-Launcher.exe and .config into your RPCS3 folder along with rpcs3.exe. setup your default command line parameters with ".\rpcs3.exe" Should work now.
  8. So after getting into Launchbox from EmulationStation I wanted to port my PowerShell script to mount ISO for RPCS3 over to run on Launchbox. I found the same thing as @Landcross that you can't run Powershell under Launchbox for some reason. Finding his\her thread here helped me in a few ways. How to convert PowerShell scripts to exe, very easy. nNASOS is awesome! Will be converting my collection after this....tested his script and worked great! used his script to verify my own, Thanks @Landcross This script will take ISO and mount it as a drive letter, then launch rpcs3.exe with the path to the mounted ISO's eboot.bin. Then waits for the rpcs3.exe process to close and un-mounts the ISO. No need to extract ISO files to play games! Usage: Download the file attached and create a folder under launchbox (or wherever you prefer) with the RPCS3-Launcher.exe and .config file inside. I included the pre-created EXE and the .ps1 script as well but not needed for Launchbox. Add the RPCS3-Launcher.exe to as an emulator. Emulator Name: RPCS3-ISO Path: path to RPCS3-Launcher.exe Default Parameters "path to your rpcs3.exe in quotes" Make sure to associate with platform tab: Sony Playstation 3 and click OK to finish and close if needed. Now go into your games and edit an ISO game you have. Select the emulation tab and choose your newly created emulator RPCS3-ISO (or whatever you named it in step # 2) Do this for EVERY ISO you have. Once completed..... Start playing ISO games with RPCS3 under Launchbox! How to use relative path: Put RPCS3-Launcher.exe and .config into your RPCS3 folder along with rpcs3.exe. setup your default command line parameters with ".\rpcs3.exe" Let me know if issues for you and I can try to help! Also putting on github so I can learn. https://github.com/ptmorris1/RPCS3-ISOLauncher-Launchbox RPCS3-ISOLauncher-Launchbox.zip
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