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  1. lol actually just updated my post, and found it was a bug, But Yeah wasnt trying to install all 40k roms lol. was just thinking the importer wasn't letting me alter the ones i wanted, because i found that the number in the full set importer is bugged, and if you make changes by clicking the back button then clicking next again (After making changes) the number in the bottom right where it says how many games are being imported wont change, but the list of games will 😣.
  2. I'm trying to import a new Unaltered 0.261 full (Non-Merged rom set with all the Merged CHDs), but no matter what generas I include/exclude it wants to import exactly 3183 roms every time. I'm using a new official mame exe installed through LB. Any ideas? The set has 40,971 zip files total. UPDADE: ok so it seems to be a bug. If you go through the mame importer then get to the end where it shows you how many games its going to import and click back to change something, after youve made your changes and click next again the full set importer will still tell you its going to import the same amount of games as before even though the list of games has changed. So basically the number on the bottom right isn't updating after making changes.
  3. Tried this last night with a PS5 controller which isnt Xinput so had to use DS4Windows which worked fine except for your controller will always show up as second player, because mame still sees the first player as your "Real" controller and not the fake Xbox controller DS4windows is simulating. DS4windows website recomends using HidHide to hide the real controller, but dont do it. After uninstalling HidHide it will render your USB keyboard and mouse "Hidden" and unusable and seems to happen to other people based off their GitHub page. I had to boot in safe mode and use a restore point to gain access to my USB peripherals again. So, Just a heads up that DS4windows will work for your PS5 controllers if you dont mind being 2nd player, but dont install HidHide.
  4. Is it possible to update the mame romset in launchbox and preserver the playlists and settings such as desired emulators for mame games that dont use mame? Just annoying having to go through and change model 2 and 3, gaelco, hikaru, naomi, atomiswave etc to use their correct emulators all over again each time, as well as having to set up certain playlists launchbox doesnt automatically create when importing mame games
  5. Is there anyway to make the 3D boxes not lag when they bounce in? i switched launchbox to a m.2 nvme drive to try to fix the lag, but even that doesnt help and leads me to belive its just related to the theme. Do the boxes bouncing in lag/stutter for everyone else when doing there bounce effect? also using a 13900k CPU and 5600mhz ddr5 ram if it matters.
  6. Is there a way to make the game discovery center selectable in the platforms list?
  7. The pause menu looks nice, but it relies on M3U files and doesn't work with every emulator. Based on my experience with Big Box, it would be nice to have a simple popup with a list of disk numbers, bonus disks, and specials to appear before launching a multi-disk game. This could be enabled as an option, and would only appear when clicking play on a multi-disk game, not games with only multiple versions. I believe this would also be more user friendly and more immersive than having to go into the multiple apps section for people who are not familiar with the Big Box/LaunchBox interface. Example: When clicking Play on Resident Evil 2 inside of Big Box you would see a semi transparent window pop up asking... Which Disk Would You Like To Load? Disk 1 Leon Disk 2 Claire Special Bonus Audio Disk
  8. Thanks for trying to help C-Beats. Yeah, i guess additional apps just seems like they should be listed sepertaly from multiple disks, but seeing as how they're already programmed to be one in the same i guess the main thing would just be adding an option to have a popup when a game a launched with multiple disks so users not familiar with the launchbox frontend can have it be user friendly. Especially seeing as how someone already went to the trouble to program multiple disks into launchbox (mainly for m3u files im assuming) just kinda makes sense, and would just make it cleaner in my opinion.
  9. Would it be hard to impliment Multi Disk Support into launch box in the form of something seperate but similar to additinal apps? and if launchbox knows you've listed more than 1 disk with the selected title then when clicking to play that game it will specifically ask which disk/version you wish to play (Including options for Special Disks, Bonus Disks etc. Also, as you know m3u files dont work for every emulator, and they're also kinda not as attractive to use since only the main user of launchbox knows how to access them through retroarch. So far ive just been listing my games like Final Fantasy (Disk 1), Final Fantasy (Disk 2) etc. which isnt to pretty to scroll through. Anyway, be cool to see Multi-Disk get some love after all these years, and implemented as a main feature in some form or another.
  10. thanks. i only brought it up because i hadnt noticed any problems in any games or apps outside of launchbox, but who knows you could be right since i dont have another logitech gaming mouse to experment with.
  11. when using a higher report rate for the mouse such as 1000 times per second the 3d models will freeze/glitch every couple seconds when being rotated with the mouse, which im assuming shouldnt happen. When i lower the mouse report rate to 250 which is normal for non gaming mice the problem goes away.
  12. https://github.com/yt-dlp/yt-dlp/releases/download/2023.07.06/yt-dlp.exe Try downloading the yt-dlp.exe from this link and replace the one in your plugin folder to see if that fixes the problem
  13. I updated the Graphics Drivers but that didnt seem to fix anything. There isnt much in the way of settings for the 3D boxes so not much to tweak... Really strange, thanks though 🤔
  14. Thanks for replying. I'm Running an Nvidia RTX2060 with drivers at 531.61. havent updated them in like 6 months but Ill update them when i get home and report back.
  15. As the title suggests Launchbox will Freeze/Glitch every few seconds when rotating 3D boxes in full screen mode. It also stutters when the 3D boxes fall in using the unified redux theme. Does this happen to enyone else? My PC is decently fast and im running LB/BB from an SSD so it's not a loading speed issue. not sure how to track down the issue. Any ideas?
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