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  1. Is there a way to make it so a view doesnt infinite scroll, thus allowing the wheel to stop when it gets to the end of the list? Asking kuz Some of my platform-categories/playlists only have like 3 things listed, and look bad when you see the clear logo 3 or 4 times on the screen at once kuz its repeating.
  2. I've had super gameboy as a platform in launchbox for years now but it's not something that was able to be officially scrapped through the database. Now that there's actual videos and cart art it seems like it would make sense to list it as a platform in the database so the art could all be downloaded easily through the launchbox downloader. Most of the metadata information would just be a copy and paste of gameboy, but the artwork would all be different. Might also encourage people to add more artwork as well. Just a thought.
  3. I think the Plugin is down again because of youtube.
  4. Whenever I try to scrape a movie which ive imported into launchbox i get an error saying "The remote server returned an error:(404) Not Found." . Is this still working for you or am i doing something wrong? Thanks also i already have the movies loaded up in kodi so there's metadata and images in kodi format for each movie in each movies folder, but it doesnt seem to be reading that either.
  5. Consolidating games is when launchbox merges all your games of the same name into the same file so they only show up as additional applications but all share the same box art, disc art etc. it combines all versions and regions of the same game into a single file, but yes if you don't consolidate the games then you will be able to sort them by region but you will see multiple copies of the same game when they are not sorted by region. within big box it will not look as pretty, and even within launchbox you will end up seeing 10,000 games for certain systems instead of 1,000 because of duplicate
  6. you wont be able to consolidate the roms/games if you use playlists, because it will mash all the regions up together unless you do it by hand which takes forever. I've run into other issues using multi disc games because I try to keep them separated from the single disc games, but the main thing is the consolidation, because anything you do to one game gets translated across all playlists, but when using platforms and separating all games into different folders based off their region it just makes it cleaner and easier to manage.
  7. Hey! I installed ExoDos v5 and for some reason the playlist called "installed eXoDOS Games" wont update when I install games. I merged the collection with my current launchbox setup and have the exodos games on another drive (I just had to update all the data files to reflect the other drive). the plugin he made is what's controlling adding the "Installed" tag to a game once you play it, but does anyone have any ideas why his plugin wont work in my setup? has anyone successfully merged exodos V.5 with their current setup and got that playlist to work?
  8. Was wondering if anyone knows a way of making future pinball portable, so like all the other emulators can be moved around with LaunchBox and still work without being installed? So far using google I've found nothing so figured id ask here. Thanks
  9. If that's the case why is there a checkbox within the "theme specific settings" for "Remember Separate View for Each Platform"? thought that checkbox/option meant that each theme would remember whichever view I set within each platform and not make the changes apply to all themes globally.
  10. Hey! Thanks for getting back to me. I'm changing the views using the "V" keyboard command using a different view for each platform. If I use the same view for every platform which is set using the "theme specific settings" then it wont mess up the views on the other themes. It only messed up the other themes when I try to have a different view for each platform by changing the view manually using the "V" key (Which when done this way changes the view across all themes).
  11. I've been trying for days now to get the custom views for each theme to work, but any changes I make to one theme effects all the themes, and big box isn't saving the custom settings for each theme. As far as I know the latest update was supposed to be able to have the Views be theme specific. Is anyone else having this problem, or anyone have any advice on how to get things working correctly? Thanks PS. This only happens when I have a theme set to use a separate view for each platform. if I have that box un-checked and let it just do the same view for every platform then it works withou
  12. been trying to figure it out all night but I cant get the theme specific views to work. Been using the unified theme, but when trying any other theme downloaded through the website if I change the views within the new theme then it messes up the views within the original Unified theme. do the themes need to be installed through the theme manager within bigbox to have theme specific settings? kuz so far ive just been downloading the themes through the website and dropping the folders into the themes folder.
  13. sometimes when backing out of a platform's game view the image that usually fades away after a few seconds wont disappear and the platform video plays behind the image never showing. Also is there a way to just skip those images from showing before the platform videos or at lease not showing for so long?
  14. either the last release or the one before stopped the movie scraper plugin from working (Posted the Link to it below). Is there any way of fixing it or does the person who made the plugin need to change it? doesn't seem like he logs in anymore. 🤥
  15. is there any way to get this working again? the newer versions of launchbox are no longer working with this plugin😓
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