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  1. No way, No refund needed.... It's a small issue... a headache, but not a game breaker... Is there a way to run a .vbs script everytime I close an emulator? I can just do a clunky sendkeys command script.
  2. Any updates on this? I just upgraded so I wouldn't need a mouse/keyboard combo and to use bigbox....
  3. I'm getting it setup right now, this layout is pretty nifty! Question (concern) Can I setup different inputs for each core? For instance, I use actual n64 controllers (usb or with the retrolink) for n64... but when i go into snes, I want to use a snes controller... it will allow for that correct? Similar to how a retropie just keeps all input configurations and doesn't care what is plugged in, as long as it's setup?
  4. I'm finally (after years of big man talk) building a dedicated emulation box running on windows. I'm installing each emulator separately... should I just install and run retroarch, and let that manage my emulator install/configs? Then I can use ( with changes ) these bezel packs? I've been building a few pi's for christmas presents and using the bezelpack script... playing games with the bezel pack, and the crt curvature scanlines.... it is a game changer for the older systems. Looking to replicate that experiance in a windows build... preferrably without having to manually match 1000's of files to it's bezel artwork. Another question, how are you guys matching the file names to the rom files? Are you doing an instr? Or are you splitting each filename on spaces, then putting them in an array then searching that way? Let me know if you need any vbs/bat/vba nonsense... been doing it for 20 years.
  5. Makes sense then. I'm building my own little excel script that should handle isolating titles that I do not have compared to the "official" lists from wiki. From there, searching a few known domains for whats missing and copying the URL into excel should be easy enough.
  6. I'm new here, I just started importing things into LB and I have couple questions. First thing, god I love this platform... Thanks to everyone who has built this thing, seriously... Big Box Mode is going to do exactly what I need it to do, super jazzed. Takes all of the pain in the butt parts of this hobby and makes them incredibly easy. Back to the questions. 1. Is there a way to only see titles that did not "Match" or that are missing certain peices of metadata? (cover art, etc etc etc)? This will help with organizing a complete library. ( Actually, sorting by Launchbox Database ID does this kind of. Sweet ) 2. On the launchbox website, there is a games database. Is there a way to compare our local libraries to the online database? To catch any missing titles? I know this is a difficult ask because of how obscure some platforms are (looking at you arcade guys!) but for consoles, it shouldn't be that difficult. Also, if we could freaking export that as csv... I would lose my mind.
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