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  1. Howdy all love this theme thanks heaps. I added my MAME arcade and it split them with headings such as midway classics etc. I don't like the background it uses for these so I copied the arcade art and renamed them to the corresponding headings such as midway classics but when I launch big box it doesn't change the background fan art? Anyone know what I'm missing.
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    Video Files

    Thanks neil9000 that's exactly what I was looking for.
  3. Wingsta96

    Video Files

    Howdy all got the Big box working with my arcade machine and all is well. There is one game in my dreamcast section that wont show the movie file attached for some reason. I have tried renaming it 1000 times but it just wont show. Is there any way to force LB to use the video file?
  4. Wingsta96

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    Worked well and was way easier that way I think, from a noob at Launchbox anyway. Going to transfer it all to my arcade machine now
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    Wow Lord I can't say thank you enough. None of the tutorials or links you posted worked for me at all, I knew it was something to do with the bat file. The steps you wrote above worked perfectly, you guys should sticky that way I think because you are getting the info from Dapne as to what the dat should say with paths etc. Worked perfectly thank you so much
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    Thanks Lordmonkus for the quick reply I appreciate it. I will play around with Daphne more today from that link you provided, it's the only emulator I couldn't get working. I found the control setup works great.
  7. Wingsta96

    Brand New

    Howdy all, brand new to Launchbox. I have a current Hyperspin system and decided to make the switch for update convenience, I have almost got everything running just had a couple of hurdles. I bought BigBox. 1) Daphne wont launch for me even though it plays fine on it's own. Keeps saying Daphne is having a framfile issue when I try to run it from Launchbox. 2) Is there a tutorial for setting up x-arcade control stick to control the menu for Bigbox? 3) I downloaded CleanBG but when I installed MAME the extra screens like Miday Classics etc have crappy looking backgrounds instead of the nice boxt art. Is there a way to fix that? Thanks for any advice. Loving the software so far alot more usability to update and run things than Hyperspin. Oh Metal Jesus Rocks you tube page is what let me know about your program
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