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  1. Thanks so much, @Rince1981. I definitely love how it turned out. I design for a living, so it was a wonderful change of pace and stress to dictate everything from concept to completion with no middlemen or committee to please haha. Looking forward to sharing the rest as it comes along.
  2. Ah, man...that's unfortunate. I definitely understand it not being a priority. I just think it would up the fun factor when browsing mammoth game lists. Cheers for considering it!
  3. Thanks for the compliments! Her favorite game _is_ Alladin. How funny! I love the spinner and flight stick the most. It would be wonderful if BigBox could get some spinner support. Spin the dial to spin the wheel!
  4. Thanks, @FlightRisk! I have my crude vector drawings for the control deck that I wouldn't mind sharing. Everything is 1:1 so you can print out the drawings and use them as overlays to help with cut and print precision, as I did. I modified a Rec Room Masters prefabbed cabinet, so I don't have drawings for that. I removed the keyboard section and replaced it with a black verticle swing door to store stuff and to unlatch the control deck. megacade-controls-01-drill-template.ai megacade-controls-02-base-template.ai megacade-controls-03-art-overlay.ai
  5. Thanks so much, @Mr. RetroLust! Yes, I'm an artist/designer by trade and profession. For the past 4 years, this cabinet has been my escape from 'clients from hell' throwing hands at it whenever I had some time.
  6. Here are some photos of the cabinet with the control deck and artwork applied. Pardon the quick and dirty Photoshop job on the walls/background
  7. Thanks, @Jason Carr! Plenty more to come now that I've made LaunchBox and BigBox my home.
  8. Bravo! I love the cockpit recliner
  9. BigBox Particle Logo Reveal View File A whirlwind of particles fuse together to reveal the BigBox logo on top of a deep blue background. Click to view this video on Youtube Submitter jaceroni Submitted 04/04/2018 Category Big Box Startup Videos  
  10. Version 1.0.0


    A whirlwind of particles fuse together to reveal the BigBox logo on top of a deep blue background. Click to view this video on Youtube
  11. This is good stuff, mate. Thanks so much!
  12. I've just got the standard, static marquee for now, but I too have thought about a dynamic marquee screen. Would you mind sharing your screen builder resource with me? I'd love to have a digital marquee that changes the artwork based on the game. Thanks for the inspiration!
  13. Thanks, @Mr. RetroLust! It's been a fun ride so far.
  14. Hey there. I'm new to the forum. Thought I'd share my custom arcade cabinet artwork and build that I'm expecting to complete this summer. I started the project with a custom control deck design and build for 2 players. The sideart is a custom collage of classic characters chasing a tiger and lion (my wife and i's spirit animals) up Kong's scaffolding. The coin door art is a collage of our personal favorite 2-4 player games. I created 2 bar stool designs that have me and my wife on top, busting through ala Street Fighter. I'm still working on the bezel and a few more additions before I stick a fork in it. The latest addition was the custom marquee, which reads 'MEGACADE.' The thai script below the name means 'big box with every game inside.' Here are some screenshots of the BigBox theme I'm putting together. Big thanks to @SNAK3ATER and his RetrAO Cafe theme for guidance and inspiration. The startup video animation was created in After Effects. You can view the full version on Youtube. I've also created one with the BigBox logo for the community to use and share. You can download it here. The loading fade screen is triggered by RocketLauncher, and has the Megacade 'M' fill up with gold as the rom is extracted. Thanks for taking a look. I'll continue to add more progress photos as they come along. :cheers:
  15. Fantastic job, @Whistler NL! This has inspired me to share my WIP. Post to follow
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