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  1. I had to same problems with tables crashing but it is not the launch method for me it was the video setting in the emulator. Turning off "Use Texture Compression", setting filtering to Bilinear 24 and unchecking Processor Affinity helped me. STTNG and Iron Man were giving me fits loading crashes or loading with no table art till I changed these settings. I've attached my settings image just incase there was other settings that I changed and forgot. These work best for me.
  2. Spoke too soon, now my playlist are jumbled up too.
  3. Here is how mine looks for the first few, Interestingly it is the same order on both Pc and cabinet PC. @dabblerblue is this order in my screen shoot similar to yours?
  4. FYI: my Playlist order is alphabetical too but the platforms are all over the place.
  5. My platforms were in alphabetical order in LB since I installed it for the first time a couple months ago (then bought Big Box) , the last couple beta's the order was the same but on Both my PC and my cabinet the platform order now seems random. Is this a bug or am I missing something? Big Box is still in alphabetical order and Launchbox.net is good too but desktop is wacked.
  6. If you don't want to add Rocket Launcher I found a very easy way to do this. This forced me to go back to my old DOS days and make a batch file This is easy without doing one at a time by using a batch file to launch the games instead of the exe! once it's done you don't need to ever edit one at a time or use RL when adding new FP tables. Make a Txt file named FPlaunch.txt or whatever you want it named. Add the batch code below substituting your own path THE QUOTES ARE IMPORTANT so please make sure they are just like you see here. Save then change the extension for TXT to BAT (in my case I changed FPlaunch.txt to FPlaunch.bat) Point the Launchbox Emulator Application Path to the BAT file (in my case FPlaunch.bat) NOT to Future Pinball.exe with NO command line parameters needed. Joy!! Batch Code is as follows... add everything below this line and again substituting your own path THE QUOTES ARE IMPORTANT note the "" " (two quotes space one quote) after the start command THIS IS VITAL echo off Set FP=%1% cd "C:\Emulators\Future Pinball\tables" Start "" "C:\Emulators\Future Pinball\Future Pinball.exe" /open %FP% /play /exit EXIT
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