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  1. Hi how do we change or add platform images to the ones that haven't come down in BigBox? They rotate in about the centre top of the screen when scrolling the wheel in the default theme. Where in LB are they located?
  2. Site used to generate badge https://www.stickersinternational.co.uk
  3. Suggestion for UnBroken Software Team - LaunchBox Badge Specifically 1" x 1" square with LaunchBox logo with black background with metallic accent Would look great on a HTPC case Make them for Sale on eBay Or can we get some made ourselves with the following image?
  4. Hi Zombeaver - all good - have tested with few games. Thank you for taking time to clarify in the video above. I laughed when you were doing the mouse infinity movements during the import process.
  5. Still no luck. THe exporter process was fine - pointed at sqlite in FSUAE database area and gave it a target - it generated the UUID from the .lha's and gave msg can import into LB. Added the newly generated UUIDS as roms in LB and pointed it as Amiga/FS-UAE UUID pointing to fs-uae executable (as opposed to the original Eriulan launcher) and no images d/l etc imported only the importing of the roms - thus no pics/art n LB, then when any instance of a game is clicked, quick flash and error msg said something like "Amiga Task Error .....S: xxxxx.lha cannot be found" Do I have to create an instance for each original lha in FS-UAE? I was under the impression that a single manually created Default config with A1200/8mg fastram etc handled most of the games and that only other problematic games were saved with a specific config in FSUAE.
  6. Hi I am new to this. Can anyone give updated instructions perhaps in a PDF document about using FS-UAE 2.9.7 with Eirulans Exporter? So if I understand the basic differences after watching Zombeaver's great video and reading this forum is that FS-UAE Launcher can be used for both FS-UAE and FS-UAE UUID in LB? Surely a written document can be updated quicker than a video especially as things change here and there in both LB and FS-UAE? No disrespect to all of Zombeaver's hard work.
  7. hi all ColEm 4.3 was recently updated and with a -cv works a treat so far. Many thanks for your suggestions. I'm off to get my head around the Amiga...wish me luck!
  8. I deleted the whole folder and reimported only 1 game rom and then "Nintendo Game Boy Color" entry appears in left bar. Weird.
  9. Hi All, Just added x number of GameBoy non colour - all ok. Then added another platform for GB colour using default naming when importing roms. A folder called "Nintendo Game Boy Color" with ROMS imported but there is nothing on left side bar UI in LB called "Nintendo Game Boy Color". Now I left my computer running for about half a day download the images etc and couldnt get it to display to wake to check progress. Restarted local machine. Win 10 sat hour glassing for ages. Hmm So I removed HDMI video card and went back to onboard VGA - Win 10 then booted in the usual manner. Turned off reinstalled HDMI video card (GT710) and all displays back to normal. In all this I knew I hadn't actually confirmed end of import process for initial import of GBC. So I imported them again - saids was finished and was quicker this time presumably due to already having d/l the images etc but problem still remains - no entry for "Nintendo Game Boy Color" in left LBUI area. Hmm neither any ""Nintendo Game Boy Color" in list in Manage Platforms. I note after two imports - game rom files in Nintendo Game Boy Color folder have two instances - second set ending with -1. Is there a way for force existence of this imported platform to show up in left LBUI?
  10. Hi I have imported some coleco game roms, selected platform as Colecovision, selected colecovision under retroarch area so it is running the mess_libretto core that came with it start game then hourglass spins a bit then nothing. now your video uses MAME renamed mess so I presume LB 8.1 had this in it already which are the options I choose above. Now I have a bios file here which I have renamed coleco.rom whichis 8KB and also coleco.zip 6K in the retrorach/system folder but no go What am I doing wrong?
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