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  1. Hi, I haven't been here for a long time, probably a year or so..? I think I haven't used emulation and/or launchbox almost as long. Just wanted to leave a quick comment - glad to see this little tool is still used and a helpful addition to this community! Cheers and have a good time, greetings from germany^^
  2. I'll update the opening post to make clear that the "launcher" app isn't needed anymore.
  3. I'm not here often but I read Frode's going to integrate some functionality of my hacky tools into FSUAE in the future? Good news :-)
  4. Played a lot of Titanfall 2 (PC) and PS VR in November and afterwards started with GTA V campaign, almost at the end now... I never played through the campaign until now Planning to play more PS VR after this.
  5. Hi, apologies for not coming here so often and checking the posts. I also apologize for not updating the two apps like promised. To be honest, I lost interest in developing them further, this started as a small tool for myself and for me they work like I wanted them to work. But if someone wants to play around with the code and the idea behind, here's the source code - feel free to use it as you like :-) The code is VB.NET but I'm sure this can be converted to C# in no time. I made it with Visual Studio 2015 Professional. You'll sure notice there is no proper error ha
  6. Hi, sorry for the late answer. seems the problem has been solved. To be honest, I don't see the error that was there in the first place, all your settings seem fine but the launcher could not open the sqlite file @dudechester... Glad you got it working now. Cheers
  7. Sorry for not being here the last days/weeks, I'm deeply buried in all kinds of stuff (mostly work related) so I didn't have time to update the apps and check for questions here. Thanks @Zombeaver and @orac31 for helping the users out!
  8. Okay I'll check if I can replicate this and if I can or this happens another time, I'll write it down...
  9. Ok so I am not the only one ;-) Maybe @Jason Carr can clarify this?
  10. Hi all, so some texts for the notes are corrupted. I do not know if this is an issue with the database (I suppose it is) or the frontend, so I'm posting this in the db section. I also have NO idea how I should update this when (if) this get's corrected in the db - delete the note and re-update metadata and images..? For example Redout (PC) NEXT GENERATION AG RACING IS HERE!
 Redout is a tribute to the old racing monsters such as F-Zero, WipeOut, Rollcage, and POD. It is designed to be an uncompromising, fast, tough and satisfying
  11. Hi all, okay I've tested this over several weeks and I'm sure there's something wrong with the initial "import rom files" scraping, as well as with the "update metadata and images" scraping... For example, I imported Metroid Prime 3 (Wii) this evening and the initial scraping did not find 3D Box-Art, nor did "update metadata and images" (I always use the option to not replace existing fields). But when I edit the game and open the "download images/media" popup, I was presented with the 3D Box-Art and also a movie I did not get before... So my question is,
  12. Hi, 1. of course the roms can be anywhere you want them to be. Just add the path to your roms in "Update file database" in FS-UAE and do a re-scan. 2. I don't use Rocketlauncher, so no idea ... HTH
  13. Glad it works. Regex in BRU is a bit of a PITA at first, because it comes with it's own syntax that does not match with Regexes you build with Regex builders like regexr.com A quick overview can be found here: http://www.s3.tgrmn.com/bru/BRU_Manual.pdf Page 30ff
  14. Do this with a combination of RegEx and replace in Bulk Rename Utility: Regex: Match: (.*?_) Replace: \1 Rename: Match: _ Replace: empty Hope this helps
  15. Yes Launchbox uses the ScummVM that comes with Launchbox in the ScummVM subfolder and that's the reason it doesn't read the settings you made in your standalone version. You can try to copy your settings over manually, I'm not sure if it is possible to tell Launchbox to use the standalone ScummVM.
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