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  1. grid overlay 2 (added exterior glow to window) grid-integer-2.rar
  2. Is there any option to autodownload logos for platforms? example: super famicom clear logo.
  3. castlevania-sotn-overlay.rar retro-futuristic-overlay.rar
  4. Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Overlays:
  5. Battletoads (NES) and Battletoads Arcade bezels from Rare Replay compilation to use with RetroArch. retroarch-battletoads-bezels.rar
  6. Check the switch is xinput. Reinstall the driver.
  7. I use windowed 1440x1080 (custom). I read that you can with rocketlauncher while the emulator runs in window mode. but how do you do it?
  8. I have fx 4100 cpu and 4gb of RAM. Should I add more memory? 4 gb more maybe?
  9. Great, thanks for your help
  10. Is it ok if I install "launchbox" in the root of the disk drive "D: \" which has 1tb of space? I do not use dropbox or onedrive or any of those things and my disk "c:" is occupied by the operating system and programs.
  11. I think I'll dispense with Rocket Launcher. Thanks for answering.
  12. Is it necessary to use rocketlauncher? What are the advantages and disadvantages of use it? I found some problems when using rocketlauncher: 1. roketlauncher uses "bsnes balanced core" to launch the snes games with retroarch and I prefer snes9x core because my computer works better with this , but rocketlauncher automatically uses "balanced bsnes". is there a way to configure rocketlauncher with retroarch snes9x core? 2. whenever I launch a game appear a window asking for administrator permissions. Is there a way to avoid this without compromising the safety of the equipment
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