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  1. Well said, Z. I really think the vitriol from some people about emulation comes down to ego. It threatens some collectors' egos that the rare game they paid $600 for can be perfectly emulated by people without the money to buy it. They'll use arguments about the morality of piracy, keeping the secondhand market alive, etc., but it's really about perishing the thought that their collection is less valuable in some intangible way because it's not exclusive. I admire (and even envy) those who spend their hard-earned (or trust fund) money on great game rooms with CIB collections and systems, but w
  2. That's a nice-looking collection, Zombeaver! I totally agree, you can do both. If anything, emulation is a great way for collectors to protect their physical collections. Keep it all nicely tucked on the shelves, and emulate for actual playing. Unless we're talking about retro gamers who need the feeling of playing a real cart in a real console to get their fix, I guess.
  3. Just checking... "Oscar" = Psycho-Nics Oscar "Robotron" = Robotron:2084 Right?
  4. Exactly. Sometimes I literally have to say, "Hey, stop organizing and play a game!" My wife and I have about 1,600 books in our library, all organized and alphabetized by genre and author, and she has a masters in library science, so I guess it's just our "thing."
  5. To be honest, the satisfaction of collecting and organizing with LaunchBox is almost as much fun for me as playing the games. The idea of building the perfect "all-in-one" system that has only the best core games and hidden gems for each system is very appealing to me. When friends come over, and they play around with BigBox, it just blows their minds. I just don't have the space or money to be collecting retro games and systems. I'm very happy with buying PC games on Steam and emulating the classics. So, for me it's more like emulating AND collecting.
  6. Under Vertical Shooters, you have Aero Fighters and Sonic Wings. Is that supposed to be Sonic Wings 2? Also, a few other recommendations I've been playing recently that you might want to check out: Captain Commando (futuristic Final Fight set in 2026 Metro City) Dungeon Magic (isometric, exploration-friendly "open level" beat 'em up) Undercover Cops (made by the Metal Slug guys, get the "Alpha Renewel Version" with all the moves and music of the Japanese original)
  7. Yeah, it's very strange. Those are actual screenshots of it happening that I edited together into a gif.
  8. @Jason Carr When I click on a Platform in LaunchBox (not BigBox), every 10 seconds or so, a bunch of games will blink and disappear and reappear. I created an animated gif to show what happens. It's very distracting. It seems to happen when I moved my mouse around and highlight games.
  9. Well yeah, that's what I did, but I find it strange that they're reversed like that. I never used to have to do that. Back in my day, A was A and B was B, and we liked it that way.
  10. For some reason, my buttons are swapped on NES games. Take a look at how I have to set it up to get it to work (Select = Start, A = B). I'm using an iBuffalo Classic with Mesen.
  11. Now my newest problem is the DS4 not working when connected via Bluetooth in Retroarch. It works if the "User 1 Device Index" is set to "XInput Controller (User 1)" but not if it's set to "DualShock 4 Controller." But if I have the controller plugged in via USB, then I can set it to "DualShock 4 Controller (#1)." I'd like to be able to play wirelessly and have Retroarch use the correct button names, like "Cross" instead of "A" and "Square" instead of "X". Is there something else I can do?
  12. Saving a game override was exactly the solution that worked for me.
  13. That was it! For games like Symphony of the Night, I have to switch the Controls to "PlayStation Controller" instead of "DualShock." Dude, thank you. This has been driving me nuts!
  14. I've now tried a brand new PS4 controller, works with every other core, and it works with some of my PS games but not all of them. Same goes for my iBuffalo SNES Classic. I don't get it.
  15. I added the missing Developer myself for a few games, and those come up in a search, so make of that what you will.
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