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  1. Yes I deleted and reinstalled .net framework.
  2. I got the same issue, has this been resolved?
  3. Hello community I was working on my arcade and decided to update to latest version. Now launchbox and bigbox won't open and it also downloaded microsoft running time with the update. I have no idea how to fix this. I need you guys help.
  4. So is better to just update mame and roms right?
  5. I deleted the perimeter line for mame and that did it eventhough I wouldn't be able to use the new pause feature.
  6. But updating the mame let's say to 0.173 I would need to update my roms as well no? Or redownload it again?
  7. Wow, I have done this on my laptop and worked now I'm going to do the same with my bartop. Thanks guys really for your help and hard work I really appreciated.
  8. No but I will give it a try once I get home thanks again.
  9. Will do thank you for your help.
  10. Dang I only have 9.8 is there a way to get the previous one here at the site?
  11. Is there any to downgrade to 9.7?
  12. I just finished installing Lb into my other pc same files from the one I'm having trouble. And everything was working fine until I updated to 9.8. I'm wondering if the newest version could be the issues. Hopefully there is a patch or something, thanks for all your help guys.
  13. yes,I delete it the arcade platform and started from scratch including the new path for the roms. Before I used to get an message about the INI. file but when running through LB it will get a loading message but returns back to LB
  14. that's I was about to ask, i don't know how to check for what versions the roms are but they play great out of LB including copcom games.
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