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  1. yay my vid snap idea coming to fruition!
  2. says its unavailable. also CRAP i lost my 1bitwonder tag :*(
  3. Any chance you could host the last available APK? i changed phones and cant get it from the play store anymore.
  4. thats a bit crappy. i for one wont be requesting a refund, if i dont update to android 11 ( and gosh darn it to heck i want an S20) LB on android will continue to function we just wont get any updates.
  5. who died and made you supreme leader? IT`s always been fine for 99% of folks who use it but you`re trying to change it to exactly how YOU want it.
  6. on the stream i only asked for one thing and i`m pretty pleased to see its doing fairly well in the poll.i really do miss the little video`s in the info pane when there`s no available snaps in the DB that we can use. just saw the "1-bit wonder" title to the left and am tempted to never post again.
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