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  1. I hadn't used LaunchBox for a while, just upgraded from 10.1 to 10.6 and having the same issue. It's definitely caused by vJoy. Setting "UseAllControllers" to False works, but is not the preferred option. Leaving the option to true, if I disable "vJoy Virtual Joystick" in Windows device manager then everything is fine. If it re-enable it, LaunchBox detects nonstopping joystick-up movement (only LaunchBox is affected). The fun part is that windows 10 detects no joystick at all (even with vJoy enabled) so I can't use the built-in GUI option to confirm if windows also detects a stuck "direction up" for this virtual controller. So the root issue seems to be that LaunchBox is detecting a controller that isn't really considered a controller by Windows. I used to use "vJoy Device" from Shaul Eizikovich (vjoystick.sourceforge.net) on another computer (replicating a physical controller to 3 virtual ones so I can level up 4 toons at once in Castle Crashers, hehe), but the one causing issues with LaunchBox is named differently "vJoy Virtual Joystick" and is using driver from Headsoft, signed by Ultimarc Limited. So I believe it was installed by the new I-PAC firmware that now allows hotkey switching between KBD, D-Input and X-Input modes. This is an Xtension controller Emulator Edition in my case (currently in keyboard mode). -EDIT- I haven't unplugged anything physically, but somehow the issue seems to be gone now (I could definitely see the issue on/off half an hour ago, when changing UseAllControllers setting or toggling vJoy Virtual Joystick on/off manually, but not anymore), so I guess unless it eventually comes back I won't be able to help any more than this.
  2. Thanks for your (quick!) reply. I understand not every single system that existed will be supported by default (and I can't contribute to fix it as it's not pulled from the LaunchBox Game Database), but the platforms I mentionned are pretty common, and I paid attention to name them exactly as the default list of platform names (except "NEC-TurboGrafx-CD" which was a typo when creating my previous post). I was especially expecting "NEC TurboGrafx-16" to work like shown in your August 17, 2018 post on this thread, unless you added these images manually yourself at this time and meant "See, it works with default theme if you configure it properly" instead of "See, these images appeared automatically in Default theme on my setup" like I thought. I just did a new test: fresh LaunchBox 9.7 reinstall on a clean VM: I created a platform named "NEC TurboGrafx-16" (default platform name), and scraped some roms. The "LaunchBox\Images\" folder has no "Platforms" subfolder at all (like you said, these images are not added during scraping). The first time I switch to Big Box, then the "LaunchBox\Images\Platforms\NEC TurboGrafx-16" and subfolders are created, but empty. Is there a list of which platform images are included in the .exe (and their exact names) so I could at least figure out if these are not included, or if it's a copy issue that should be reported?
  3. I confirm the same issue, for these (newly added) platforms under LaunchBox 9.7: ColecoVision Commodore Amiga Mattel Intellivision NEC TurboGrafx-16 NEC TurboGrafx-CD These platforms (sub)folders are created automatically under LaunchBox\Images\Platforms\ but remain empty. I had to add Banner and Clear Logo images manually and refresh Whell images in BigBox Options. Other platforms scraped appeared automatically just fine so far. Glad I found The Image Thread on this forum, it saved me alot of time to find suitable images.
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