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  1. Darn it... This is addictive...

    well, i'm thankful for yall moderators and yall's knowledge.... my first computer was a vic-20 so i'm not to bad on the computer side.. but trying to find info on the emulators is frustrating sometimes... and yall compile it here... i noticed if you google regular emulator knowledge that these forums come up pretty close to the top of the results... there is alot of years of experience here.
  2. Darn it... This is addictive...

    oh... that's cool... so you sacrifice for us... i figured you would have multiple installs setting around.
  3. Darn it... This is addictive...

    wait... so 11,000 is your have enough limit... lol..... i'm up to about 15,000 games and about 18tb of data.. i thought i was done... ok... i'm done with consoles.... now working on computers.... i think.....
  4. Darn it... This is addictive...

    Yea, i'm beginning to learn that.... and darn it again.. i need another hard drive... lol ... running outta space...
  5. Darn it... This is addictive...

    So i was finished.. i but in all of my favorite consoles... then i checked out the forum... read about the Exodos and Windos collections.... so i was like ok.. easy to add... then i starting thinking about amiga... then commodore 64... then vic 20.... darn it... i'm not finished yet.... this is so so addictive...
  6. ExoDOS Import

    Great, that's my plan then... it's not as "pretty", but should be a way to enjoy all of your work until everything gets sorted out down the road... and thanks for your hard work.
  7. ExoDOS Import

    quick question.. since the 2.0 versions are readily available. you can just add meagre to launchbox and just jump to meagre to play games until the all the new stuff is sorted out correct?
  8. family and friends

    sorry. no sales yet... everyone i know is either going retropi, retrox on andriod tv box or standalone retroarch on pc... but i'm trying.. but hopefully i'm taking away sales from the drastically overpriced snes and nes minis.. lol

    yea.. i try not to too have to much junk.. but i'm a completeist too... lol, if i have sonic 1.... i gotta have all the sonics... but i find that i'm buying less and less due the costs going up in the last few years... plus i found out about launchbox about a year ago... and darn it... this program is addictive... i think i have about 16,000 games in launchox.. but noticed some have way way more.

    I'm just curious how many people here both collect and emulate.. I have quite a large physical collection of systems (probably 30) and games (about 1500). However, most of them aren't hooked up at all and i just emulate on my pc thru bigbox. Way easier (after long setup) and can look better (personal opinion i know). But i know several people that have sold all of their old stuff and just gotten into emulation. i continue to do both... what does everyone else do?
  11. streaming bigbox to other computers

    just FYI. i tried streaming using the program "parsec" this morning... works great.. very happy... very low lag... really supprised.. to me alot better than stream in home streaming but that is just my experience. and i have just tried over local area network right now.. i'll try over the internet at a later time... my network is gigabit wired and ac 5ghz wireless.. both were great.. and one computer was a i3 with only 4gb or ram (which is below what they recommend)... so just in case any body was wondering.. i've had good luck...
  12. GPU Opinion

    https://www.videocardbenchmark.net/compare.php?cmp[]=2947&cmp[]=3595&cmp[]=80 sorry.. that was the mobile 5570.. fixed it to desktop
  13. GPU Opinion

    https://www.videocardbenchmark.net/compare.php?cmp[]=2947&cmp[]=519&cmp[]=3595 just for comparison
  14. GPU Opinion

    just fyi.. i have a refurbished hp z220 sff.. and i put a low profile 1050ti in it... no power connection to card needed... works great for up to 1080p.. no problems with my setup yet.

    you way works better and easier to manage. and i think it's a pretty easy fix. i think i mame is the platform but since model 2 and etc use different emulator and are only small amount of games, i had them on a per game basis... i should be able to grab them per playlist and change the platform that way ... i think...thanks alot... yall guys rock!!!!