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  1. Yea...it should ask if it's the server or client.... I think... I'm on my phone... so it's a little hard to answer
  2. Nothing really special... just install on both pcs.. helps to have a good wireless or wired connection and the gaming computer having gpu with a hardware encoder
  3. thanks for doing this lordmonkus.... i used your earlier version and it is great.. i just added a few more to it.... i put all the collections... if i had 1 of the series i put them all.. so mk, mk2, mk3 and umk3.... all the different versions of street fighter 2.. etc... but i can understand if you don't wanna do that... it makes for alot of near duplicates... other than that i think i just added x-men vs street fighter.... for some reason i really like that game...
  4. i noticed volume 3 is out... just fyi for everyone...
  5. you're awesome exodos... thanks alot
  6. i have downloaded and am sharing... please post on here when you set the others to free also... thanks exo... you rock
  7. i appreciate it. i always have to watch my ratio... so free is awesome. so thank you
  8. Has there been any updates on how this is going. We have been trying to get something together to help with the scraping on discord the last few evenings... i have came up with a bat file that generates a cmd that allows RA mame (mess) to work, it just won't scrape correctly. Any news on how it works or how we could assist in getting this working would be wonderful... thanks...
  9. if you have nvidia video card you might can do moonlight game streaming to the fire stick
  10. lol... at least your wife understands.... mine... not so much... but she lets me be happy, and it helps me relieve stress...
  11. yea... setting it up to be exactlly want you want is part of the fun of collecting to me.... i keep telling myself.... you'll play more when it's done..... lol
  12. a few things to try 1.) i would see if the controller has a dinput/xinput switch .. sometimes programs are more compatible with one or the other.. 2.) see if the controller is showing up in windows... i think you said that launchbox sees it.. if it does it's a mame issue somehow. 3.) you could try one of those joy2key type programs that will map a keyboard key to your controller if you find no other solution.
  13. awesome... i'm trying to build up ratio lol.. i'll be grabbing them when i can.. thanks.
  14. wow.. that's alot of work... so you are going to copy your artwork into launchbox's file locations? that's pretty awesome... you rock... thanks
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