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  1. So I purchased and installed, but aparently the platforms section shows blank, options only gives language settings, then the about section with the link to the main site. Is this a common problem? Btw I have roms, emulators and retroarch with cores installed on my device as well.
  2. What I like about Retrox is the ability to play games stored in the cloud. It would be cool if you can add Retrox compatibility on Launchbox so you can view and exacute games stored from the cloud through launchbox even on windows say via Nox or Bluestacks. If I am not mistaken you can run launchbox via removable storage and or cloud storage, but I havent seen anything about playing a game thats stored on the cloud. If there is a way please do share btw, that would be a great help for me. It would help significantly with storage issues for gpd and other form factor owners. I also looked into it, being that I got the paid version a while ago. All previously established paid versions will be honored indefinitely, its just new Retrox users that will have to pay more for premium features. I dont think new prices have been established yet either.
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