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  1. Thanks again! I figured out the "select file" fix from one of your other videos. How can I buy you a beer? What's your PayPal?
  2. Thanks again for your help. That still didn't fix me from having to manually enter. Instead, I figured out a workaround. I deleted and started over, only this time when I imported roms I didn't "select folder". Instead I "selected file" then highlighted only my .bin files and selected them since my folder had media in there as well.
  3. Really appreciate the quick reply Lordmonkus! Happy to buy you a beer for your help. That's actually the video that I used to set things up. I followed the instructions to a tee and double-checked everything. Still when I select a game, it just plays the .mp4. Any idea on how to only point to .bin?
  4. Hello everyone, Noob here. First post. I've just finished setting up Launchbox and donating. So far loving how much easier this is than HyperSpin. I'm setting my rom paths for the first time with Atari 2600 roms, Stella in Retroarch. I point to roms, download media, and finish. Then when choosing a game to play, it plays the .mp4 movie instead. I'm having to change the .mp4 to .bin every time. Anyone know how I can avoid this in the future or have the emulator only choose to play .bin files? I swear I've searched everywhere! Thank you so much in advance for any advice!
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