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  1. That explains what happened to it. Thanks for clearing this up for me thank you.
  2. Launchbox 11.3 got released on 8/24. My launchbox is not finding the update. Anybody else having the same problem ? Any Ideas how to get launchbox to update ? Tools/Help check for updates does not find it
  3. Thanks a lot. I tried 217 batch file with 218 Rom set and it worked perfectly.
    Thx alot. Will the 0.217 batch file work with 0.218 ? My 0.217 set is merged. My 0.218 is non-merged. It worked with 0.218 just fine. Copied everything even the few troubled ones you mentioned
    Have yet to see a nag. Seems to be working good. Thx alot
  4. The Retroarch core we are forced to use with Nintendo 64 Mupen64plus_libretro core crashes when using Vulken as video driver. Have toswitch to gl to get it to launch from within Launchbox. It would be nice if we could add our own emulators an have them launch games from with Launchbox. As of Now only the emulators Launchbox has in the list are the ones that will launch from with Launchbox using retroarch. Change the default core for Nintendo 64 would be great. A good way to add subfolders to emulator platforms would also be great. If you creat a custom platform and scrape it to an emulato
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