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  1. Possibility to see in launchbox/bigbox the library from Origin, Uplay, GOG and Epic Games like we import from Steam, without the needs to have the game installed. Current GOG functionality need the game to be installed. Thanks for the excellent work!
  2. In my case, the problem was a conflit between launchbox and the steam. When i closed steam, the controller go back to work fine. So i configurated my controller at steam to not launch "Big picture" anymore and the problem was solved.
  3. I had configured my controller with Select/Start to exit emulators, but after the update, when i click on "Start" the emulator close. This happen with all emulators configured at launchbox/bigbox. In my controller configuration everything looks normal, but launchbox don't allow me to change any buttons. Please help me.
  4. Improvement: Pop-up the badge when get an achievement. Sincronize with steam to see the steam achievements as well. Adjustment: Português translation: In Big Box, the option "Play" need to change from "Tocar" to "Jogar".
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