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  1. Looking for help where to put a system i,e, any system console name tthe location of the graphic to appear in the main menu for that system or console. much thanks!
  2. Hi, where do i put a system man menu logo that just shows up white and not in emu database. Any help is greatly appreciated
  3. Should Mobile be named differently for bigbox to download all the artwork?
  4. How do I get Launchbox Bigbox to recognize Techos as far as the list of systems and all the artwork am I naming it wrong? Thanks
  5. in options controller mappings, what is the correct mappings for games to play. i have all setup except that
  6. need help trying to figure what the correct keys are in bigbox could someone help me thank in advance
  7. anyway to add them to the theme menu to add through there? kind of confusing to me on where to put the files. first attempt failed.
  8. that was the whole problem the transaction never completed. thank you all for your help and I apologize for and inconvenience
  9. I checked my Account and the money was never taken out. should I try again? Thanks
  10. yes i checked both. trying to hang in there thanks
  11. Thank you Dos76 thats a relief appreciate all the help. i will post when i receive it.
  12. cant someone admin send me my license? please
  13. I haven't received it yet so wrote the support email hope this works or i am out $50
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