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  1. Hey guys how do I delete a playlist from my main wheel in unified theme. Without deleting the games in that playlist?
  2. Awesome great recommendation i will for sure. Thank you.
  3. Awesome yes unified widescreen theme. What folder is it in?
  4. Hi anyone know how to change the arrow pointer on the platform wheel ? To add image in it?
  5. How do I delete certain playlist from my wheel?
  6. Is there a way to change the start up sound file?
  7. Screen transitions where can I find those?
  8. Yes thank you. I fidn realize I did that.
  9. Hi guys and one know where I can find info on what everything in big box menu/ settings does?
  10. Thank you. That makes sense. I would have to make my own videos I guess.
    Dope video just wished it had the video snap gameplay audio playing as well. Dope for sure.
  11. Freaking awesome. Can you add the video snap audio of the actual game play in the background as well? Also where do i place this video to use it?
  12. Hi guys question. Is the music on platform videos separate from the video file itself? If so can we change the music portion and still hear the video snap portion behind?
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