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  1. Truest1

    Cps 1

    I can't exit games on big box side screen goes blank then goes right back into the game in mame cps 1 2 or 3. Any idea on how to fix this? I'm using unified theme. All other games in make that are not part of the cps 3 platform exit just fine.
  2. Oak sounds good o will reformat and re copy my build. Thank you for your input.
  3. Awesome. I've been using exfat. I was wondering what was better or takes less space on hard drive.
  4. Hey guys what format should I use for my hard drive on Windows for a lunch box big box build? NTFS or exfat
  5. Ok thank you for your input.
  6. Hi what is big boxs aspect ration and unified wide screen theme ? And can I change it? If I have my PC on a thing higher than 4000. Big box is shown with croped sides black borders on sides. If that makes sense? It's either i have my desktop croped on the sides and big big all good or vise versa. Can I have both? Please help thanks in advance.
  7. Hey guys I just added cps1,2,3 to my launchbox bigbox. Everything works except exiting games. I got my hot key setup with exit key and menue key in bigbox works in everything else except cp collection? Please guys that KS in advanced. I can use hot key to get I to pause menu but it still does not exit I ha e to press escape on keyboard.
  8. Is it the same process for pinball FX3?
  9. Truest1

    Flip box

    Hey guys. What's the flip box feature in Launchbox ? I tried it but see nothing happening in Launchbox or big box.
  10. Awesome worked perfect. Does this delete games ?
  11. Awesome that helps alot. Perfect I will try this tonight. Thank you for your help.
  12. Good morning guys. I have a question. When trying to find media, say for arcade only under platform view in Launchbox. Does it only look for arcade platform or does Launchbox look for all platforms all at once? If so how can I do only one system ata time ? Thanks for any reply in advance.
  13. Hey guys anyone know if the spacing on the main platform view and game views can be changed? To make the wheel spacing more tighter or more spaced?
  14. anyone know where i can get Visual Pinball Clear logos images and video snaps?
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