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  1. why isnt there software or at least some kind of diagram for bigbox?
  2. ok what letter is start or fire etc thats what i dont understand i cant do it on my keyboard either i dont know what goes with what difficult to use
  3. does anybody know the mappings for xarcade dual tanstick i know the ball acts as a mouse but i cant get my games to work on go back and forth or uo and down no esc or fire buttons etc. please help. thanks
  4. is it possible to setup shrump wheel in launchbox bigbox and if so what emulator would i use?? thanks in advance
  5. Is there a way to set up Shrump Wheel in Launchbox/BigBox and if so could someone help me get this going. Much Thanks.
  6. I setup Hatari per the launchbox toutube video and im either getting no emulator found or boots to the Hatari desktop?
  7. I really need help finding the right emulator. i have tried at least 7 nothing is working. any help will be greatly appreciated.
  8. how do I incorporated all my dos games, they are zipped and ready to go but dosbox isn't seeing them. any help is appreciated
  9. The BorgBox View File Resistance is futile. 16 Sec intro Submitter Choo Choo Maan Submitted 01/02/2019 Category Big Box Startup Videos  
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Resistance is futile. 16 Sec intro
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