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Feature Request - Game Box Hover/Background Auto Switching


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I would like to request that if a game box is on focus, it will auto switch to the back of the game box after a certain period and will keep alternating from front cover to back cover (with a gradual transition effect too if you can). I would also like the same thing to happen with the backgrounds. If you have multiple backgrounds for a game, it will automatically gradually fade into the next image after a certain interval (like to automatic background changer for Windows 7) with a nice transition effect (also like Windows 7). P.S. last request, i promise xD Question: Can images in the gameboxes or backgrounds be videos or gifs ( i can't remember)?
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Can't have too many requests, always appreciated. :) Unfortunately, for the moment, I'm using plain-old Windows GDI+ to render the games list. It works perfectly fine for what it currently does, but wouldn't support animation (even fading) very well at all. So, before I can implement something like that, I need to replace the engine behind the games view with either DirectX, or a web technology like the Chrome engine, or something similar. Currently I'm leaning towards using the Chrome engine as it would allow for more cross-platform options in the future. So I have this kind of stuff planned, but it'll be a big undertaking and isn't likely to happen soon. But we will get there eventually. :)
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