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After-Plugging and Hot-Plugging


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After-Plugging = Plugging in the controller after launchbox has already started. Hot-Plugging = Unplugging the controller and replugging when launchbox is already active. Launchbox doesn't have these features. You can get the controller to work again by going into options and going back out and launchbox will see the controllers again. But that can be inconvenient. So, based on the option of controlling launchbox with all controllers or just one, you should at the option for to reboot launchbox (like when you go into options and come back out) when a new controller is found connected. That way, launchbox can have hotplugging and afterplugging and ppl wouldn't be inconvenienced if there controller gets unplugged or times out from bluetooth. If a game is already playing, launchbox would reset in the background and not steal focus from the game that is currently playing when this happens. OR, you can do controller polling or similar so that launchbox wouldn't have to be auto restarted. Whichever way is easier. But there may be a conflict with the first way because somebody can press something while it is restarting and could probably mess up launchbox/game layering. After and Hot plugging are essential features for modern day gaming and are sometimes left out by a few games because of poor porting and by some emulators because a few devs may get lazy. Not only that, some games rely on it, like Metal Gear, or Fighting games when you are at tourneys and need to play with your own controller instead of someone elses. Do you agree? Possible for you to add/fix? I didn't know whether to put this in the features section or troubleshooting section because it can be considered both depending on who you ask. Thanks in advance Mr. Carr.
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