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Ok, the new version was corrected the error when i add batch of roms is canceled. But still does not add roms already scanned. I propose a solution. Your code would be something similar to this: 1) read Roms 2) init routine until last roms 2.1) Read rom 2.2) search Internet to covers, etc... 2.3) download covers, etc... 2.4) next roms 3) write in launchbox the roms (with covers, etc..) if error, cancel, etc occurs the 3 step don't make.... My proposed code: 1) read roms 2) init routine until last roms 2.1) read rom 2.2) search intenet to covers, etc... 2.3) download covers my option..... 2.4 write roms in launchbox (covers, etc..) 2.4) next roms 3) end... if error,cancel, etc occurs the launch has write all the roms until error or cancel.
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Hi dreams, I see the advantage of allowing you to stop half way through and keep your games, but there are also situations where you want to cancel and you don't want your games affected (in theory, "cancel" should really mean to cancel and nothing should be done). Maybe another "Stop" option is in order though, as with long imports, it would probably be nice to stop and not lose your progress. Thanks for the note, I'll add it to the list.
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Hello,   I work as a programmer in delphi, and I wonder if you'd need help to make this project grows up?. The truth is that I really like, is a program that meets a lot of the characteristics that i have always looking for but I never found. If you think I can be of help you just have to tell me.
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