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I have a handful of requests for your consideration, some aesthetic, some functional. I will keep it brief, let me know if you need me to expand. 1. The ability to add custom art for missing artwork image on a per platform basis. 2. Custom backgrounds on a per platform basis. 3. Allowing the user to customize contents & order of game info sidebar/popup. 4. Allow transparency (fade) options for sidebar(s) backgrounds. 5. Allow the user to add an icon next to the platform name in left sidebar. (Think this may have been discussed already) 6. Move [X] from right sidebar. Too easy to mistake it for LB exit when in full-screen. 7a. Launch random game based on platform currently viewing, as opposed to entire library (Unless 'All' is selected). 7b. Keyboard shortcut for "Launch Random Game" and maybe ability to map to a controller button I guess. 8. Keyboard shortcut for search when in fullscreen. Ctrl+F only works when search box is visible, not in fullscreen. 9. Option to scrape only missing info/images on a per game/platform/all basis. (I get this is a pretty huge one and I'm sure it was discussed before, but I thought I'd mention) 10. Playlists. Now I know this is on your radar but how about allowing users to share playlists with friends or the LB community. So say someone makes a playlist of all Mario games from all platforms or all co-op games for PS2, etc. They can export it to a file and share. The recipient can import it to their library and it will display all the games that they own. Taking it a step further maybe even show them which games they are missing. If you catch my drift.
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