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So as I've been using Steam more and more (those sales are so addicting!), I've been adding more and more of my Steam-based games to Launchbox. However, my Steam is installed on my C:/ drive's Program Files, while I have Steam install my games in my LaunchBox folder on my D:/ drive with the rest of the games I use. This is mainly because my C:/ is a smaller SSD that I use for CAD/Drafting, my OS, and programs. If I was smart, I would have installed Steam on my D:/ with my games, but I installed it before setting up LaunchBox. That all being said, when I use the "Import from Steam" option, it defaults to the Steam Apps directory on my C:/ and I manually select the Steam Apps directory on my D:/. I was wondering if it would be possible to add a setting that allowed us to change the default directory for the import function. Like, being able to set a path in the settings box, or having the import remember previously used places. Like I said, this is mainly an issue because I haven't moved around my Steam's program files, so it's hardly a priority...it's more me being lazy/dumb. But I figure there may be somebody else who is having to track down multiple steam directories and would like this feature as well. (On a side note, love the recent updates. Sorry I wasn't able to test them out, I've been finding work and dealing with entering "the real world")
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