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Feature Request - Most played games


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Hello everybody! I just registered to the forum so I can post this. First off: this program is great, but there is one feature I am missing: most played games. Launchbox could simply count and store how many times have I played (launched) the games, and it could filter and rank the games based off this data. It could help a lot in organizing the game library, and I don't think it would be too hard to implement this feature. As far as I know nobody requested this feature yet...so I would love to see it in some future version of Launchbox. Thanks! So what do you guys think?
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bd00 said No Probs Smile Also, Jason is the developer, he will have to agree to add this feature. I just realized my reply could have being misinterpreted, this is not yet confirmed. Sorry if you assumed otherwise, my bad Embarassed
Nah, don't worry, I understand. I know Jason is the dev. Hopefully he will like my idea too...
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