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DOSBox CDRDAO Installation Compatability Thread


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So Jason did express that he wanted to test CDRDAO with as many games as possible. Since that is very specific and I don't want to create a thread for each game, I figured a master thread and just chronicling each game to see if they work through this method should be fine. I honestly don't know where to put this thread, so if it is in the wrong location Jason, sorry. Keep it to just DOSBox installs through CDRDAO please. Try and follow the basic layout below that way if there are errors we can try and relate them to the install process, LaunchBox, CDRDAO or DosBox. Also, remember to un-rar the CDRDAO package to where you have LaunchBox installed, otherwise you will get an error everytime during install. Make sure its the CDRDAO folder and not the individual files. Specify the game name. Publisher / Developer for Bonus points. Specify how you installed the game. I.e. Physical Disc or Disk, An image file for a Disc or Disk, or In a folder on your hard drive. Just so everyone knows, a Disc is general an optical disc and a Disk is a floppy disk. 3 1/2 or 5 3/4. Specify if the install was a success or not. Specify separately if the game launches or not because it may not be related to the install. It could be a DOSBox error instead. Specify any other errors you may get and at what you got them at. Installing I'll start the thread off with Voyeur from Interplay. I am using a Physical Disc. Install wasn't successful. It did not recognize my DVD Drive. The program said it could be an emulated drive but it was not. I got this when trying to copy the contents of the CD to the hard drive. So I tried the option to not copy over the Disc contents, I figured do that afterwards. I then got an error: "And error occurred while trying to launch DOSBox: object reference not set to an instance of an object." I installed DOSBox 0.74 to my LaunchBox folder, the one with the exe in it, and that folder is just named DOSBox.
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