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Ars: The spammer who logged into my PC and installed Microsoft Office


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My friend sent me this article and Jason even liked it. Pretty much all you need to know how funny this is: "It all began with an annoying text message sent to an Ars reader. Accompanied by a Microsoft Office logo, the message came from a Yahoo e-mail address and read, "Hi, Do u want Microsoft Office 2010. I Can Remotely Install in a Computer."" It was certainly entertaining. http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2016/05/the-spammer-who-logged-into-my-pc-and-installed-microsoft-office/
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It was amusing. Itman turned-out to be harmless, but he may be more skilled, now. Wink I get calls now and then from people with an Indian accent (India/Pakistan) claiming to work for iolo (System Mechanic), and they've remotely detected an issue with my PC and would like to log into it, in order to rectify this potentially damaging situation. [iolo told me they don't do this, just as the IRS won't call you asking for money]. I usually just say unpleasant things regarding camels and what not Laugh - do they even have camels in India? LaughLaugh), then hang-up and report them (if I get a phone number). P.S. I'm gonna read that linked article "scamming the scammers", and see if there's any fun things suggested in there. Smile
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