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Using Additional Apps to view web info for arcade games


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ProgettoEmma shows metadata in native Italian or English translation for any rom that is known to MAME. It's not integrated so support must be added manually for each game. This may suit those with small collections. For the full MAME romset, however, it's not practical unless you possess almost unlimited patience and time! Each Additional App uses a common application (a batch file) and a unique parameter (a MAME recognised romset name minus it's extension) to open the chosen game page. Direct use of the batch file pops up the console window briefly. To avoid this annoyance use a shortcut to the batch file and set it to run minimised. Add a new folder to LaunchBox and inside this folder create a batch file and make a shortcut to it set to run minimised. I named my new folder ProgettoEmma and it's files are english.bat and english.lnk Content of English language batch file:
@start http://www.progettoemma.net/gioco.php?lang=en^&game=%1 ^&exit
Content of Italian language batch file:
@start http://www.progettoemma.net/gioco.php?game=%1 ^&exit
The first attached image below shows my Additional App for the game Forgotten Worlds. The second image shows a portion of what this will display in your web browser. Blue text is clickable. Note that this is a viewer and not a download service.
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